1980s band A Flock of Seagulls were catching some well-earned shuteye at the Comfort Inn hotel in Downey when their tour van was stolen from the parking lot.

Thieves took off with $70,000 of musical equipment belonging to the band, who were among the first wave of acts to find an audience on MTV.

Watch the video of Flock of Seagulls' van being stolen:

"Somebody just broke into it, stole our whole van with all our equipment, clothing, band gear, cellphones, everything you need when you're on the road - all your good stuff, all your good clothes, a bunch of expensive band equipment," said singer Mike Score, the only remaining original member of the Liverpool group.

The band had played the Bellflower on Saturday evening (July 27, 2013), before returning to the Comfort Inn to rest before their free show in Woodland Hills on Sunday. Using rented equipment, the band played the date as scheduled but Score said the equipment "was totally foreign to us," adding, "When they steal stuff like that.they steal from people that pay to see the shows because the band is unable to play the songs as people want to hear them."

There may be hope for the band however, with the release of a surveillance tape from the parking lot. It shows two people arrive in a black car, before one man gets out, heads over to the van, breaks in and drives it away as the black car follows.

A Flock of Seagulls was scheduled to return to England on Tuesday (July 23, 2013). Mike Score's unfinished solo album was on a hard-drive in the van.