Diem Brown's ex-boyfriend Chris 'CT' Tamburello has paid a touching tribute to the late MTV reality star on Instagram.

Diem Brown
Diem Brown ar the InTouch 6th Annual ICONS & IDOLS event in August 2013.

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Brown passed away last week at the age of 32, on Friday (14th November), after a long battle with cancer. Her funeral was held in New York on Tuesday (18th November). Brown's ex-boyfriend Tamburello was at the funeral and a day later he has posted a fitting tribute on Instagram.

Tamburello uploaded a picture on Instagram of a picture of Brown accompanied by a rosary entwined around a ring. In the caption, Tamburello described Brown as an "angel" and claimed she was the love of his wife. After stating they will always be together (presumably in this life or the next), as they'd always planned, Tamburello promised "I Love You Always and Forever."

Brown and Tamburello dated for a year and a half after meeting on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel in 2006. They appeared on another Real World challenge together and two subsequent MTV shows both whilst they were together and after they had split up. They remained on good terms as they were teamed up during another competition for The Challenge: Battle of the Exes. 

Tamburello was also been a frequent visitor at Brown's bedside and at the end of September uploaded a picture in which he holds Brown's hand whilst she sleeps in the hospital bed. 

Brown was first diagnosed with cancer at the age of 23 and was undergoing treatment when she first appeared on The Challenge (then called the Real World/Road Rules Challenge) in 2006. Over the past eight years, Brown acted as an advocate for cancer sufferers and even started her own charity, MedGift. Brown was successfully treated for two bouts of cancer and was given the all clear. Sadly, in August of this year, she collapsed and was diagnosed with colon cancer. 

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