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'MTV Cribs' Being Relaunched - Via Snapchat!


Early noughties television favourite ‘Cribs’ is being revived by MTV. Hurrah, the nostalgic among us might say, but it’s being brought back with a revolutionary new twist – it’ll be on Snapchat.

Yes, it’s now a thing: TV programmes are now on Snapchat. The new short-form version of the popular series has been specifically developed for the app, and is set to air weekly beginning in June this year, according to E! News.

Ananda LewisAnanda Lewis narrated the original series of 'MTV Cribs'

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MTV 'Real World' Star Ryan Knight Dies Aged 29


Ryan Knight who appeared on ‘The Real World: New Orleans’ in 2009, has died aged just 29, MTV has confirmed. “We are saddened to hear the news of the passing of Ryan Knight,” the channel said in a statement. Adding, “Our thoughts and condolences are with his family and friends at this difficult time.”

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Childish Gambino Plays Coolest Set Of The Year At MtvU Woodie Awards 2014

Childish Gambino South by Southwest Drake MTV

Childish Gambino took to the stage at the mtvU Woodie Awards on Sunday night, singing the hook to his song '3005' while surrounding by color-shifting Christmas lights. 

Childish GambinoChildish Gambino Performed at the Woodies

"Girl why is you lying, girl why you Mufasa," he rhymed. "Yeah, mi casa su casa, got stripper like Gaza/Got so high off volcanoes, now the flow is so lava." With his face illuminated only by the lights, Gambino was then joined by a marching band similarly lit up.

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Miley Cyrus Goes 'Unplugged' For MTV (And 5 Other Memorable Performances)

Miley Cyrus Madonna MTV

Last night, Miley Cyrus took to the stage for her MTV Unplugged performance featuring Madonna, a pantomime horse, plenty of sequins and of course, twerking. Miley told the audience she wanted to 'bring Nashville here for the night,’ and she certainly did, first dressed in a red gingham ensemble complete with cowboy boots and then denim sequinned trousers and shirt with a matching bra underneath, topped off with a cowboy hat.

Miley at pre Grammy galaMiley at pre Grammy gala

Miley preformed hits such as 'Wrecking Ball' and 'Do My Thang' as well as a cover of Dolly Parton’s 'Jolene'. However, the highlight of the night was undoubtedly the Teen Queen taking to the stage alongside her idol Madonna for a performance of their hits ‘Don’t Tell Me’ and ‘We Can’t Stop’ combined. Madonna was dressed right for the occasion, wearing a black cowboy outfit with silver sequins. The pair enjoyed some raunchy dancing together, with Cyrus tweeting afterwards ‘I SPANKED @Madonna (hard) (& she liked it).’

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Miley Cyrus Intended To "Make History" At VMAs

Miley Cyrus Robin Thicke Britney Spears Madonna MTV

Miley Cyrus offered her opinion on her performance and the reaction to her twerking at the MTV VMAs on Sunday 25th August. In an interview with MTV, the 20-year-old singer claimed anyone who's anyone has been outrageous at some point, citing Madonna and Britney as examples. She further went to claim she planned to "make history" by performing in such a sexually provocative manner.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Cyrus appeared at the award ceremony to perform a remix of her hit single 'We Can't Stop' and Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines'.  Initially appearing solo on stage, with a company of dancers dressed as teddy bears, she indulged in twerking before Thicke joined her. Although Cyrus wore a silver teddy which she removed to reveal a flesh coloured bikini. Throughout her performance she used a giant foam hand as a prop which she used provocatively to reference a number of sex acts.  

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Gia Allemand, Former 'The Bachelor' Contestant, Dies In Hospital Aged 29

the bachelor MTV Jake Pavelka

Gia Allemand, a model and former the bachelor contestant, died today (14th August 2013) peacefully in a New Orleans hospital.

Gia Allemand
Gia Allemand at the Melanie Segal Celebrity Retreat in honour of the 2010 MTV Music Awards, held at the SLS Hotel in L.A.

Allemand was found unconscious on Monday by her boyfriend NBA player Ryan Anderson. She was rushed to hospital in a critical condition. When the news broke on Tuesday, her representative released a statement saying Allemand was in a critical condition "following a serious medical event."

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Gia Allemand, Model And 'The Bachelor' Contestant, Hospitalised In Critical Condition

the bachelor MTV

Gia Allemand, who starred in the bachelor, is in a critical condition at New Orleans University hospital. According to a statement made to ABC by her publicist, Allemand was admitted into hospital on Monday (12th August) evening "following a serious medical event." Further details have not been officially released. 

Gia Allemand
Gia Allemand in 2010 at the Melanie Segal Celebrity Retreat in honour of the MTV Music Awards.

Melinda Farina, a good friend of Allemand's, has kept fans of The Bachelor star up to date with the latest news of her condition and treatment via Twitter. Tweeting today (Wednesday 14th August), Farina stated that Allemand was on life support with a low pulse and that she is hardly breathing. Farina claimed the news came from Allemand's mother and that the next 48 hours are critical. 

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Real World Star Dies; Sean Sasser Dies Aged 44


Real World Star Dies. Sean Sasser, the gay rights activist and star of MTV's The Real World: San Francisco, has passed away following a long battle with HIV. Sasser, whose relationship with fellow Real World housemate Pedro Zamora was one of the first gay relationships to be broadcast into American homes when it aired in 1994, with Zamora's death later that year opening Sasser up to the world of political campaigning and LGBT activism for the majority of the rest of his life.

Sasser had been battling HIV for 25 long years before he eventually succumbed to the disease on Wednesday (7 August). He died from mesothelioma, a rare form of lung cancer, which had developed from his weakened immune system caused by the HIV virus, which had only been diagnosed last month. The news of his passing was told to CNN by Sasser's longtime partner, Michael Kaplan, who said that the reality star and activist had passed away in the couple's Washington home.

Although not an original member of the Real World: San Francisco line-up, Sasser was introduced to the show through his then boyfriend Zamora, with the then-couple's everyday battle with HIV opening up a generation to a life many had never witnessed before. The two exchanged vows in a civil ceremony aired on the show in 1994, the first time a ceremony like it had been shown on American television. With Zamora's health beginning to take a turn for the worse during filming of the same season, he died just after the airing of the final episode of the season.

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Flock Of Seagulls Van Found Empty (It Was Parked In Disabled Bay, Just Saying)


A van belonging to the Liverpool band A Flock of Seagulls which was stolen from a Comfort Inn on Sunday (July 28, 2013) has been recovered, minus the $70,000 of musical equipment inside. The vehicle was found empty in Santa Fe Springs this week, according to an officer at the Whittier Police Department who spoke with the Long Island Press-Telegram.

The van was stolen from the hotel parking lot in Downey after the band slept following their gig in Bellflower. A surveillance video from the scene appears to show the van parked in a disabled bay. 

It was recovered in the 9100 block of Millergrove Drive, according to a news photographer in Santa Fe Springs. A Whittier police officer spotted the suspicious vehicle that matched the description of the one stolen from the British rockers, and ran the plates.

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Whoever Stole 'A Flock Of Seagulls' Tour Van. You're On Tape [Video]


1980s band A Flock of Seagulls were catching some well-earned shuteye at the Comfort Inn hotel in Downey when their tour van was stolen from the parking lot.

Thieves took off with $70,000 of musical equipment belonging to the band, who were among the first wave of acts to find an audience on MTV.

Watch the video of Flock of Seagulls' van being stolen:

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How MTV, Snooki And A Rented House Brought Legal Chaos To Pelican Island

Nicole Polizzi Jenni Farley MTV

A battle between entertainment network MTV and residents of Pelican Island, New Jersey, is beginning to turn ugly after land use lawyer Ronald Gasiorowski was hired to fight the townspeople's battle in court.

If you're unfamiliar with the story, the details are quite simple: MTV has rented a house on Sunset Drive South that will serve as the vacation home for Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi and her roommate Jennifer 'J-Woww' Farley for a new series of the popular show Jersey Shore.

Known for their raucous behaviour on previous seasons of the program, Snooki has since given birth to her first child and less emphasis is placed on the friends' debauchery, though residents remain steadfast in their opinion that Snooki and JWoww will bring chaos to the neighbourhood.

Continue reading: How MTV, Snooki And A Rented House Brought Legal Chaos To Pelican Island

Geordie Shore Returns To Take Australia By Storm

MTV Vicky Pattison

MTV have decided to ship the Geordie Shore lot to the other side of the world (thank you MTV) for the all new, sixth season of the hit reality series. The show will air tonight (July 9) on MTV at 9 pm and given the reports we've heard from what the gang were up to Down Under, it looks as though nothing has changed (which we guess is a good thing).

Geordie Shore
The Geordie Shore lot are back

Filming on the British reality TV had to be suspended following the arrest of two cast members, with bosses at MTV deciding to halt production following a bar brawl in Newcastle, England in the on July 3. Filming of the sixth season was over by then, so the airing of the season will still go ahead, however the two fighting Geordies have been suspended from the show indefinitely.

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Could This Get Weirder? Farrah Abraham Might Now Be Pregnant

Farrah Abraham MTV

Weeks after finalizing a sex-tape deal worth a reported $1 million, Farrah Abraham is worried that she may be pregnant to porn-star James Deen.  Sources close to the reality star tell that the former Teen Mom alum hadn't had sex in more than a year before hooking up with James for their porn shoot. Neither had thought about contraceptive measures. Oops.

The all-knowing gossip website also found out that Farrah missed her period and "started freaking out" thinking she was pregnant. She was even photographed shopping for a pregnant test at her local pharmacy. Now, Deen - the star of Bret Easton Ellis' The Canyons - is having none of it, telling Celebuzz, "To say you're potentially pregnant is not something to joke about. When you knowingly involve another human being and a publicity stunt around that, a child is not something to be taken lightly.It's not a game anymore and it's really not cool." He added, "This is a type of publicity I do not agree with and I do not want to participate in.Joking or lying or using pregnancy to get attention and media is not cool." In case you haven't processed what James is saying: he thinks the whole thing is an elaborate publicity stunt.

Abraham, a mother to a 4-year-old daughter, is yet to release a statement regarding the pregnancy test purchased. Last month, she decided to sell her personal video with Deen to porn giant Vivid Entertainment. 

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Vivid Pays $14,000 A Minute For Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape

Farrah Abraham MTV

Vivid Entertainment and porn mogul Steve Hirsch has stumped up somewhere in the region of $14,000 a minute for Farrah Abraham's sex-tape. The Teen Mom star had shopped the video around after it was reported to exist by (despite her early denials). It stars professional porn star James Deen, though it remains unclear whether the MTV star is in a relationship with the actor or whether she planned to make money from the tape.

"I'm happy to confirm that we have purchased it," Vivid Entertainment honcho Steve Hirsch said in a statement Monday. "We went after this movie as vigorously as any sex tape we've ever pursued. We felt it was definitely worth it, not only because of Farrah's popularity, but because the footage itself is amazing." Abraham has reportedly bagged close to $1 million for the sale of the tape, which will get a full release later this year, under the title Farah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. "Farrah's looks remind me of a young Kim Kardashian," Hirsch added "and we all know how her story turned out."

In other news, Abraham has entered a plea of "not guilty" to three drunk-driving related charges in Nebraska, aggravate DUI, refusal to take a field test and disorderly conduct. Her trial is set for May 31, 2013.

Continue reading: Vivid Pays $14,000 A Minute For Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape

Farrah Abraham Signs $1 Million Deal To Release 'Backdoor Teen Mom'

Farrah Abraham MTV

Farrah Abraham, the star of MTV's Teen Mom series, has inked a deal worth almost $1 million to release her sex-tape with James Deen via Vivid Entertainment. It's the end of a long road for Abraham, who started off by vehemently denying that she made the tape, before touting it around the major porn studios in Hollywood.

Now, according to, she's signed with Steve Hirsch and Vivid Entertainment, who were the most interested in buying the professionally shot tape. Abraham and her father were spotted leaving the studios headquarters in Los Angeles earlier this month. On that occasion, Mr Abraham said he was lending a helping hand to his daughter in order for her to get the best deal, and it certainly looks like she got that. According to insiders close to the situation, Farrah inked a deal with Vivid Entertainment for close to a million dollars. 

The website also report that the tape - clocking in at 70 minutes - will be titled 'Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.' Err, read into that what you will.

Continue reading: Farrah Abraham Signs $1 Million Deal To Release 'Backdoor Teen Mom'

Rebel Wilson’s Best MTV Movie Award Jokes – They’re Not For The Faint Hearted

Rebel Wilson MTV Mtv Movie Awards

Rebel Wilson’s MTV Movie Awards were very, well, ‘Rebel Wilson’. She’s dedicated to her shtick: the no-frills, unflinching style of comedy that has lead her to be one of the most popular comediennes today. Here are some of her best (or rudest) jokes from the awards.

The Zac Efron

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Farrah Abraham Tells Dad She Isn't Shopping Around For Sex-Tape Deals. Err...

MTV Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham's father Mike Abraham says his 21-year-old daughter told him her sex-tape was a "private matter" and insisted she is not shopping around for deals. This is slightly at odds with what Farrah told about wanting at least $2 million for the raunchy tape. Well, it's not so much at odds as...the total opposite.

Speaking from his home in Nebraska, poor old Mike Abraham told the Hollywood Gossip how he hopes Farrah can find a way of speaking to her young daughter Sophia about the sex tape scandal. "At this time, Sophia is four-years-old and she does not know the difference between good, bad or indifferent. In regards to down the line, just like anything, we all have consequences for our actions and I'm sure Farrah will have to address this with Sophia." 

Abraham - a star of MTV's Teen Mom series - initially denied having ever filmed a porn movie, though eventually succumbed to the pressure after intense digging from the likes of TMZ, etc. She is thought to have filmed the movie with seasoned adult movie star James Deen, who incidentally stars opposite Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons. "I cannot comment as to how she would do that, but I do know that she has a great relationship with Sophia and that Farrah is an amazing mother," Mike continued, "Both of these women, Farrah and Sophia, have had to grow up very fast as a result of being in the public spotlight. For me, the bottom line is simple."

Continue reading: Farrah Abraham Tells Dad She Isn't Shopping Around For Sex-Tape Deals. Err...

Buckwild Canceled By MTV, Following Shain Gandee's Death


MTV has announced the cancellation of its latest reality program, Buckwild, one week after the tragic death of one of the show’s stars, Shain Gandee.

21-year-old Gandee died in a tragic incident last week. The reality star, along with his uncle and another friend was killed by carbon monoxide poisoning, after his car’s tailpipe was clogged up with mud. This was probably a result of Gandee going mudding, an activity, which features heavily in the first season of Buckwild. Naturally, the network had to react in some way and it was revealed earlier today (Wednesday, April 10) that instead of simply changing and censoring the show from any risky behaviours, the music television has decided to cancel it entirely. Buckwild was in the filming stage of its second season, but that will never be aired, due to the tragedy.

"After careful consideration, MTV will not be moving forward with Season 2 of Buckwild in West Virginia," the network announced in a statement this morning. "We love the cast and the show and this was not an easy decision, but given Shain's tragic passing and essential presence on the show, we felt it was not appropriate to continue without him. Instead, we are working on a meaningful way to pay tribute to his memory on our air and privately."

Continue reading: Buckwild Canceled By MTV, Following Shain Gandee's Death

MTV Taking Buckwild Off The Air, Following Shain Gandee's Death


MTV execs have decided to cancel the channel’s newest reality programme, Buckwild, after the death of one of the show’s stars.

Last week, 21-year-old Shain Gandee was found dead in his vehicle, along with his uncle and another friend. The cause of death was determined to be carbon monoxide poisoning, due to the vehicle’s tailpipe being submerged in mud. The incident occurred after the group had gone “mudding” – one of the main activities featured on Buckwild.

Continue reading: MTV Taking Buckwild Off The Air, Following Shain Gandee's Death

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Being Shopped Around, Teen Mum’s Mother Refuses To Believe It Exists

MTV Farrah Abraham

Even after giving birth at 16, lesbian photos, partying in her underwear and a boob job, Farrah Abraham’s mum refuses to believe her daughter has been involved in a sex tape.

The general consensus, though, is that she is in a sex tape, James Deen is the sex tape partner, and the footage is being shopped around to the highest bidder. “Word travels fast ... it isn't even edited yet. We shot it yesterday,” says Deen, a professional porn star who was seen holding hands yesterday. He made clear their situation though. “Definitely not dating,” he maintained. “Got tested together on Friday and then saw her on set. That is my only experience with the lady.” Abraham shot four seasons of Teen Mom with MTV before getting herself a ‘bad girl’ reputation recently. But her mum still refuses to believe the sex tape exists. "My daughter has never expressed interest in things like that. She was not brought up that way," Debra Danielsen tells TMZ of her teen-mom daughter. "We have religious beliefs."

Farrah AbrahamFarrah Abraham before the sex tape days

Continue reading: Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Being Shopped Around, Teen Mum’s Mother Refuses To Believe It Exists

Why Would Farrah Abraham Take Legal Action If Sex Tape 'Doesn't Exist?'

MTV Farrah Abraham

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has vehemently denied she features in a sex tape currently being shopped around Hollywood, though has also threatened legal action against those in the possession of the alleged clip. 21-year-old Abraham was shopping at lingerie store Agent Provocateur in Los Angeles this week when she was asked by a TMZ cameraman if she knew about the existence of the tape.

"I don't ... exist ... anything about that," she said in reply - which makes absolutely no sense at all. She later changed her position, saying, "If I had my own personal stuff, that's my own personal thing." During the encounter, Abraham seemed nervous and failed to understand my of the question, finally saying "if there's someone being rude and trying to get at me, then my lawyer will take care of that." When it's suggested that it could further her career in the same way that adult films helped Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, Abraham said she worked hard and didn't need a sex tape to help her get where she wants to be.

The alleged tape featuring the MTV star is being shopped around various adult movie companies, including Vivid Entertainment. Steve Hirsch, president of Vivid, confirmed to that he saw the video and that Farrah very much features in it for around 1 hour.

Continue reading: Why Would Farrah Abraham Take Legal Action If Sex Tape 'Doesn't Exist?'

Family Rally Round To Raise Funds For Shain Gandee, Buckwild Star's Funeral


Following the tragic news of Buckwild star Shain Gandee’s death, TMZ reports that Gandee’s family have appealed to the local community to help pay for his funeral costs. It appears that Shain had not made any significant amount of money from his brief time appearing on the MTV reality show, so members of his family are organizing memorial events in the hope that it will ease the financial burden on his family.

Shain’s cousin, Ashley Gandee is planning a ‘mud run’ (an off-road trucking contest) in Shain’s memory. “I know the strain they are going through,” Ashley told TMZ and added “It's hard to provide a proper burial. It's already tough with the loss of family members ... expenses are tough as well." The event is due to take place in Proctorville, Ohio, around 50 miles from Charleston West Virginia, where the programme Buckwild is filmed. A $10 charge will be made for each vehicle entering the event. Ashley will also be taking donations at her store, Gandee’s General Store, in Crown City, Ohio.

Shain was found dead yesterday (April 1, 2013) in a vehicle in West Virginia. He had told people that he was going 4-wheeling with his uncle, at around 3am on Sunday. His 48 year old uncle and a third, unidentified man were also in the vehicle with him. The cause of death is thought to have been carbon monoxide poisoning. A rep for MTV confirmed that the show has been suspended.

Teen Mom Star DUI - Farrah Abraham Caught Drunk At The Wheel


The Teen Mom star’s DUI won’t do her public image any good. Farrah Abraham, now aged 21, was pulled over by cops in Omaha just after 1am on Tuesday morning and was determined to be driving under the influence. Not a great look for anybody but certainly not for a single mom. TMZ report that the star of the MTV reality TV show turned wide round a corner and almost hit a police cruiser in the process. If that’s not a sure-fired way of getting yourself pulled over, we don’t know what is.

When she was breathalysed, Farrah showed up as having almost twice the legal blood alcohol level in her system in the state. She registered at .147, meaning that cops had no option but to arrest her. Luckily, her four year-old daughter Sophia was not in the car at the time of her arrest. It remains to be seen what punishment will be doled out to her for this irresponsible move.

Farrah first starred on the Teen Mom series back in 2009. The father of her daughter Sophia (Derek Underwood) was killed in a car accident in 2008, just two months before Sophia was born. Derek’s parents questioned his paternity of Sophia, which Farrah had to go to lengths to prove. She has also had a troubling time with her own parents, after her mother Debra was charged with assault for hitting Farrah. Last year, Farrah published her autobiography My Teenage Dream Ended.

There's Something In The Wood Shed ... Buckwild Star Salwa Amin To Be Precise


We’re sure that a few of you were once told that there was something hiding in your wood shed. The tale was normally told by a particular mean older sibling who was trying to scare you, and it usually turned out to be rubbish. However, for once there actually was something hiding in the shed when police came calling at an abode in Summersville, West Virginia – Buckwild star Salwa Amin!

TMZ reports that the star’s property was under suspicion by police because they’d got wind that the it was expecting it to receive a large drug shipment. When they arrived, officials were startled to find that Amin, Shawn L Booker and Jason D Jones – who owns the house – were cowering away in the shed. Police had become suspicious of the property after noticing that it had received a great deal of visitors, none of whom stopped for very long. They subsequently obtained a search warrant and raided the house.

They were vindicated as well; in addition to the frightened MTV reality star and her two cohorts, they also discovered three bags of heroin in the shed. You’d think they’d have been sensible and made more effort to hide the actual drugs rather than bother hiding themselves.

MTV's Brand New 2013 Winner: Ebony Day, Who Is She?

MTV Ebony Day

You may never have heard of Ebony Day, but MTV think you should have because they have named her their Brand New 2013 winner.

The MTV Brand New campaign is a search for the best new acts for the coming year. A short list is whittled down by a panel of judges but ultimately the award is decided by the voting public. Day was up against artists such as Angel Haze and and Haim, the latter of whom was named BBC's Sound of 2013. 

The young singer has been posting videos of her own songs and song covers on YouTube for the past few years, and managed to catch the attention of millions, with her YouTube account garnering a total of almost 18 million views. That's no mean feat for a girl of 19. Even more impressive is that she's not even signed... yet. 

Continue reading: MTV's Brand New 2013 Winner: Ebony Day, Who Is She?

Buckwild Stars Hit Back At Claims Their Show Negatively Depicts West Virginia


MTV have now become more famous for their 'reality' TV than their music programming, and have often stepped into controversy due to the material on those real-life shows. Their latest, Buckwild, was accused of generalising West-Virginia and the people that live there, but the show's stars disagree. 

Shae, or, "The Spicy Southern Bell" on the show, said to Access Hollywood, "There's no way nine individuals can represent the state of West Virginia," referencing Senator Manchin's comments. "That's just silly," she continued, before Shain, or, "Gandee Candy" explained that being in New York was a far cry from the country life he's used to. "This is the first time I've ever been to New York, first time I've ever been on a plane," he said. "The plane ride was pretty awesome. The car ride afterwards was scarier than the plane ride!" Senator Joe Manchin's comments called the a show a "travesty" and claimed it, "plays to ugly, inaccurate stereotypes about the people of West Virginia."

"We know that showing unique slices of youth culture on MTV is something that resonates with our audience," said David Janollari, head of MTV programming in a press release. "With Buckwild, we'll give our viewers a singular and fun glimpse at this generation's experience as we go into Appalachia to capture the lives of a loveable group of dynamic young people."

Continue reading: Buckwild Stars Hit Back At Claims Their Show Negatively Depicts West Virginia

'The Heist' At Number Two: Macklemore Creates A Stir With Chart Success


Proving that you don’t necessarily need the weight of a major record label behind you to crack the US albums charts, Macklemore’s album The Heist made headlines yesterday when it powered into the Billboard chart at number two, behind the currently-unstoppable Mumford and Sons.

The Seattle MC (teamed up with DJ Ryan Lewis) shifted around 78,000 units of his album, seemingly through virtue of touring relentlessly and building up an “organic” fan base over his 13 years in the game.

In an interview with MTV’s RapFix, 29 year-old Macklemore explained that he was as surprised as anyone when the sales figures were announced. And those sales figures should have the major record companies quaking in their boots, as he explains “In terms of real music that connects on a soul level with the masses, with the people, I think that this is the way to go. I think that major labels aren't necessary anymore.”

Continue reading: 'The Heist' At Number Two: Macklemore Creates A Stir With Chart Success

Gary Lightbody, MTV and Snow Patrol Saturday 5th November 2011 Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol performs on stage during a rehearsal prior to the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011 at City Hall Belfast, Northern Ireland

Gary Lightbody, Mtv and Snow Patrol

Video - Snooki Rocks Oversized Glasses At ABC Studios

Snooki, the star of MTV's reality show Jersey Shore, spotted arriving at the ABC studios for her appearance on 'Live with Regis and Kelly'. Arriving with boyfriend Jionni LaValle, the controversial socialite donned a black dress with sparkling necklace and a pair of oversized black framed glasses.

During a recent interview with MTV News, Jersey Shore star Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino claimed season four of the show makes the previous episodes "look like Sesame Street". The cast have recently been filming on the streets of Florence, Italy.

The Ikki Twins and MTV - Friday 2nd January 2009 at Jet nightclub Las Vegas, Nevada

The Ikki Twins and Mtv

Hollyoaks, Andrew Moss and MTV - Stephen Beard, Chris Foutian, Nathalie Emmanuel, Anthony Quinlan and Andrew Moss from tv soap Hollyoaks, Liverpool, England - arrive for the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards held at at the Echo Arena Thursday 6th November 2008

Akon and MTV - Sunday 7th September 2008 at MTV Video Music Awards Los Angeles, California

Akon and Mtv

Christina Aguilera and MTV - Sunday 7th September 2008 at MTV Video Music Awards Los Angeles, California

Christina Aguilera and Mtv

Solange Knowles and MTV - Tuesday 26th August 2008 at Mtv Trl Studios New York City, USA

Solange Knowles and Mtv

MTV - Alex, Marissa and Bjorn Los Angeles, California - cast members on MTV's new show 'My Super Sweet 16 Presents: Exiled!' Monday 18th August 2008


Busta Rhymes and MTV - Tuesday 1st July 2008 at Mtv Trl Studios New York City, USA

Busta Rhymes and Mtv

Megan Fox and MTV - Megan Foxx Sunday 1st June 2008 at Mtv Movie Awards Universal City, California USA

Megan Fox and Mtv

Megan Fox and MTV - Megan Foxx Sunday 1st June 2008 at Mtv Movie Awards Los Angeles, California

Megan Fox and Mtv

MTV - Danny Jamieson (Austin) and Melinda Stolp (Austin) The reality stars from the last 19 seasons of the Real World celebrate together for the first time Hollywood, California - The Real World Awards Bash - Arrivals Saturday 15th March 2008


MTV, Chris Pontius and Jackass - Tuesday 19th February 2008 at Times Square New York City, USA

Mtv, Chris Pontius and Jackass

Lucy Pinder, MTV and The Music - Wednesday 23rd January 2008 at Selfridges London, England

Lucy Pinder, Mtv and The Music

Sacha Baron Cohen and MTV Tuesday 5th September 2006

Sacha Baron Cohen and Mtv

Paula DeAnda and MTV Monday 14th January 2008 Los Angeles Premiere of 'How She Move' In conjunction with MTV's 'My Super Steppin' 17' at The paramount Theater Hollywood, CA

Paula Deanda and Mtv

Amy Winehouse and MTV - Monday 5th November 2007 at MTV European Music Awards London, England

Amy Winehouse and Mtv

Plan B and MTV - Tuesday 23rd October 2007 at Bloomsbury Ballroom London, England

Plan B and Mtv

MTV - Celebrity Rap Superstar winner Shar Jackson Monday 22nd October 2007 at Mtv Trl Studios New York City, USA


The Naked Brothers Band, Alexander and MTV - Nathaniel Marvin Wolff and Alexander Draper Wolff Monday 8th October 2007 at Mtv Trl Studios New York City, USA

The Naked Brothers Band, Alexander and Mtv

Melissa Joan Hart, Las Vegas and MTV - Melissa Joan Hart and husband Mark Wilkerson Sunday 9th September 2007 at MTV Video Music Awards Las Vegas, Nevada

Melissa Joan Hart, Las Vegas and Mtv

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