Review of Ninja Tuna Album by Mr Scruff

Album review of Ninja Tuna by Mr Scruff released through Ninja Tunes.

Mr Scruff Ninja Tuna Album

The unrelenting Mr Scruff is back and it's not like he's been missing for long. With various collaborations and great gigs he's played it doesn't seem like it was three years ago since he released his last album. 'Ninja Tuna' released on Ninja Tunes is some more Mr Scruff and if you like the guy then you'll like this. It is quality and Scruff sticks to his trademark fusion of jazz, funk, progressive elements and good sampling. He's got some great featured artists on here like Alice Russell, Quantic, Roots Manuva, Danny Breaks, Adreya Triana and Pete Simpson.
'Donkey Ride' is classic Mr Scruff with all the fun cartoon elements. Then there's the more uplifting tracks like 'Get On Down' and funk fuelled body shakers like 'Give Up To Get' and 'This Way'. It's a long album that definitely keeps on getting better the more you listen to it.
'Ninja Tuna' is a great album. He's created a trademark style that is still totally relevant and heartfelt. A genuine UK national treasure is our Mr Scruff and this album doesn't disappoint. Buy it!

Tareck Ghoneim

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