Moya - Interview

25 September 2013

Interview with Moya September 2013

Interview with Moya September 2013

London based singer songwriter Moya has now released her new single 'Come And Get It', as she prepares to unveil a brand new mini album later this year. She's already had a busy year supporting the likes of Rod Stewart (twice!), Mick Hucknall and Blondie and she has now announced her first UK headline tour which kicks off in November 2013.

We caught up with her before the release of her single to discuss how well it's done in live shows so far, what to expect from her upcoming mini album and what it's like supporting such big stars.

CM: Hi Moya, how are you?
Moya: Really well, thank you. I have a few days off at the moment so I'm relaxing back in London.

CM: Your latest single 'Come And Get It' is released on 23rd September, could you tell us a bit about the record? How has it been received?
Moya: The single was written early this year with Ian Dench and is about a past relationship. Primarily, it's about how he didn't "come and get it"... so you can guess how that all turned out! It's early days yet but the single has been going down really well when I've been playing it live. It always seems to be a crowd pleaser, so hopefully that's a good indication of things to come.

CM: You've also got a new 'mini' album coming out later this year, what can we expect to hear from it?
Moya: I'd say it's a step up from my debut album 'Lost and Found' in the sense that I've matured a lot as an artist over the last couple of years. I feel much more confident with what I want to sing and write about and generally where I want to be going as an artist, so I'd like to think that this mini album is going to reflect that. This album has got something in it for everyone though, so don't be deceived by its size. 

CM: How do you approach writing new material? What influences would you say made the biggest impact on you as an artist?
Moya: I think it's important to not give yourself a hard time when getting back in the studio. I had a bit of a moment when I came back to writing after taking a break from it and thought that I'd actually lost my writing skill entirely as I couldn't think of anything good to write about! That was a rubbish time. I realise now that you should never force yourself to write; the best songs just come naturally. As for influences, I'd have to say the Motown/Soul era continues to have a big impact on the way I am as an artist; everything from the hair to the way my voice is... perhaps I was born in the wrong decade. 

CM: You've been previously described as a 'female Bruno Mars', how would you describe your sound?
Moya: I'd go with a Pop-Soul sound, so being likened to Bruno Mars is quite on the money! It's not real 'in your face' commercial pop but still has catchy hooks and lyrics. 

CM: You're currently back on tour with Rod Stewart, how did it feel being personally invited back by the man himself?
Moya: Quite out of this world! To be given the honour of supporting him first time around was a dream come true but to be invited back is just madness! I'm just taking it all in because I know it will be over in a flash. It feels pretty incredible to know that by the end of this year I would have played the O2 in London four times! As cliche as it sounds, I really am living the dream. 

CM: If you could perform with any artist who would it be?
Moya: Stevie Wonder! He's an absolute hero of mine and has been ever since I was little.

CM: What has been your biggest highlight so far of 2013?
Moya: Playing the RDS in Dublin, supporting Rod Stewart. It was and still is the biggest venue I've played to date; 35,000 people, if I remember rightly! It was a beautifully sunny day and it was the first time I could see all of the crowd as we were performing outside in an open air stadium. That was one of those moments where I thought to myself, 'Is this really what I do for a living!?'

CM: You've just announced your first headline tour, do you have any special plans or ideas for it?   
Moya: I'm really excited about playing some new material actually; I think it's about time the fans heard something new! I think all I aim to do though is to put on a fantastic show and to prove that I can handle a headline tour, considering I've been supporting for as long as I can remember! It's going to be quite spectacular though, I can assure you; I have a few surprises up my sleeve. 

CM: Can we expect a full-length release soon?
Moya: Who knows? I certainly don't!

CM: After supporting not only Rod, but also Mick Hucknall and Blondie this year along with your own headline tour, what do you reckon the future holds for Moya? 
Moya: Some sort of chart position would be fantastic but I really would just like to continue being on the road and performing. Being on stage is where I feel most alive... so perhaps a world tour?!

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