Motley Crue singer Vince Neil insists rehab never works - because drug and alcohol addicts only use it to temporarily quit.
Neil has long battled with his own addiction problems, and was involved in a car crash in 1984 which killed Hanoi Rocks musician Nicholas Dingley while he was drink-driving.
The rocker's booze problems also reportedly led to the group's split in 1992 and he endured a spell in rehab in 1997 after the band got back together.
But Neil insists there's no point in forcing addicts to visit a medical centre, because it won't help them curb drinking and drug-taking forever.
He says, "Most people go to rehab just to dry out, not to actually stop drinking or doing drugs. Usually they go there because they've been given an ultimatum by their wife or boss. They're not there for themselves; they're there because someone wants them to be there. That's why it doesn't work. You have to go when you want to go."
And Neil admits he will always be battling his drug demons - but is happy to have the occasional drink.
He adds, "I don't think I'll ever have my drug problems licked. I still think about needles today. Thirty years later, I'll still look at a needle and go, 'F**k'. It's quite an itch. But I haven't thought about actually doing drugs in 15 years. I kind of cringe at that idea. That was for the old days. But I have a drink once in a while. That doesn't hurt ya."