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13th October 2015

Fact: Elbow frontman Guy Garvey has been named the curator of the 2016 Meltdown Festival in London, following in the footsteps of stars including David Bowie and Morrissey, who have previously taken charge of the event.

3rd April 2015

Fact: Veteran rockers Morrissey and Blondie are to play a joint-headline gig at New York's Madison Square Garden in June (15).

27th August 2014

Fact: Morrissey's concert in Basel, Switzerland on 3 November (14) is to be televised across the country.

26th August 2014

Fact: Morrissey has compiled the tracklisting for a new Ramones compilation album. The Sire-Rhino release will be the first to hit stores following the death of Tommy Ramone, who lost his battle with cancer in July (14). Meanwhile, Morrissey has announced his first London date in two years - he will play at the O2 Arena in November as part of a European tour.

10th August 2014

Quote: "Having met Pamela Anderson and Patrick Dempsey, well, they're both quite beautiful, and if at least one of them doesn't turn you on, then you're probably dead... I don't transmit sexuality of any kind... I don't ever attract a women, men or white rhino, so I can't see how I'd be attractive onscreen." Morrissey insists he wouldn't make a good movie star.

10th August 2014

Quote: "They'll all turn up finally ready with praise once I'm out of earshot. Who cared... about John Lennon in the years leading up to his death? No one." Morrissey insists all his critics will offer up praise for the singer/songwriter when he dies.

9th August 2014

Quote: "The worst was in June in Boston, when I was hospitalised with acute fever. I was delirious for six hours, talking absolute nonsense and unable to stop. I've never been so frightened in my life. Then, of course, you get these b**chy comments for having to cancel shows... I've been to so many hospitals lately that there's hardly any point in my leaving." Morrissey on his recent bout of poor health, which has led to a string of concert cancellations.

4th August 2014

Fact: Sickly singer Morrissey is planning to return to the stage just two months after cancelling a North American tour. The singer pulled more than a dozen U.S. shows in June (14) after falling ill with a virus but he has now announced he is "finalising" dates in Ireland, Greece, Turkey and Italy. He also plans to add Romania and Hungary to his tour schedule.

15th July 2014

Quote: "The Bullfighter Dies is a shout-out for the total abolition of the living horror of bullfighting, and since those who control such barbarity have no interest in the welfare of the bull, then we can only approach the subject by stressing how the overwhelming majority do not have any sympathy when the bullfight does not go the bullfighter's way." Morrissey on his new animal rights anthem.

26th June 2014

Fact: British rocker Morrissey is releasing a concert Dvd titled Introducing Morrissey. It will feature previously unseen footage from his 1995 tour in support of fourth album Vauxhall and I, which was re-released earlier this year (14) to mark its 20th anniversary. Earlier this month (Jun14), Morrissey scrapped the remainder of his U.S. tour dates due to ill health.

23rd May 2014

Fact: Fans serenaded rocker Morrissey by singing a rendition of Happy Birthday during his concert in Dallas, Texas on Thursday (22May14) to celebrate the former The Smiths singer turning 55.

15th May 2014

Tweet: "Hello. Testing, 1, 2, 3. Planet Earth, are you there? One can only hope..." Rocker Morrissey posts his first tweet on

8th May 2014

Fact: British rocker Morrissey's comeback gig in San Jose, California on Wednesday (07May14) was abandoned midway through the encore when enthusiastic fans invaded the stage to hug the singer. Last year (13), Morrissey was forced to axe 60 concerts and scrap his American tour after a string of health woes.

28th February 2014

Quote: "Ukraine. Why do news reporters call the people 'protestors'? They are the people! It's the government who are the rebels. Silly world, isn't it?" Singer Morrissey shows his support for the uprising in Ukraine.

28th February 2014

Quote: "Well, I'm expected to see Easter. It was a bad year. I was in hospitals so frequently that the doctors were sick to death of me, and there's nothing more ageing than lying in a hospital bed, trying to recover from hospital food. If your illness doesn't kill you then the hospital food sees you off. That's what it's there for." Singer Morrissey is on the road to recovery after suffering a series of illnesses last year (13), including double pneumonia.

13th February 2014

Fact: British rock singer Morrissey is advertising two special guests for upcoming U.S. concerts - posters uploaded to his official fansite suggest Welsh crooner Sir Tom Jones will join him in Los Angeles in May (14) and British pop legend Sir Cliff Richard will be his special guest at a New York date in June (14). There has yet to be an official announcement confirming the gigs.

17th December 2013

Fact: A one-off signed hardback copy of pop star Morrissey's acclaimed memoir Autobiography has gone on sale on auction website to raise money for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

26th November 2013

Fact: Morrissey and Jake Bugg have joined Mary J. Blige and James Blunt on the bill at the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Norway on 11 December (13). The concert, which traditionally takes place the day after the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony, will be hosted by actress Claire Danes. Morrissey will reportedly perform three tracks at the prestigious show.

4th November 2013

Fact: An audio version of singer Morrissey's controversial memoir Autobiography will be read by his namesake - British actor David Morrissey. The audiobook is due for release next month (Dec13).

28th October 2013

Quote: "Oh Lou / why did you leave us this way? No words to express the sadness at the death of Lou Reed. He had been there all of my life. He will always be pressed to my heart. Thank God for those, like Lou, who move within their own laws, otherwise imagine how dull the world would be." Morrissey pays tribute to Lou Reed, who died on Sunday (27Oct13).

4th October 2013

Fact: Rocker Morrissey's long-awaited memoir has finally been given an official release date. The book, titled simply Autobiography, is set to hit stores across Europe on 17 October (13), just a month after a "disagreement" with publishers Penguin Books put the deal in jeopardy.

14th June 2013

Fact: Singer Morrissey will return to the stage for the first time since battling double pneumonia when he tours South America next month (Jul13). The former The Smiths star scrapped a North American tour in March (13) after a string of cancelled gigs as a result of his health woes. He has now announced an 11-date trek beginning in Lima, Peru on 9 July (13).

3rd April 2013

Fact: British singer Morrissey will discuss his love of a traditional British cup of tea for a new Bbc Tv show. The former The Smiths star sits down with funnywoman Victoria Wood for the interview, and insists on using his own personal woollen 'cosy' to keep their pot of tea warm during the chat. The show will be broadcast in the U.K. later this month (Apr13).

31st March 2013

Fact: Fans who missed out on seeing Morrissey after he cancelled his recent North American tour will be able to view one of the shows in a new live concert Dvd. The gig at the Hollywood High School in Los Angeles on 2 March (13) was taped and is set for home release later this year (13). Morrissey cancelled the tour due to health concerns.

22nd March 2013

Fact: Singer Morrissey had a shock in store when he traced his family tree - his long-lost cousin is Los Angeles Galaxy soccer ace Robbie Keane.

26th February 2013

Quote: "War, I thought, was the most negative aspect of male heterosexuality. If more men were homosexual, there would be no wars, because homosexual men would never kill other men, whereas heterosexual men love killing other men. They even get medals for it. Women don't go to war to kill other women. Wars and armies and nuclear weapons are essentially heterosexual hobbies." Outspoken Morrissey insists the world would be a better place if it was run by women and gay men.

11th February 2013

Fact: Sickly singer Morrissey has cancelled more dates on his North American tour after doctors advised him to rest for two weeks while he receives treatment for a bleeding ulcer and a throat condition. The former The Smiths star has now pulled five shows in Texas and hopes to return to the stage in Denver, Colorado on 21 February (13).

12th October 2012

Quote: "I find it difficult to move around because of cell phones, cell phones, cell phones - everywhere you look, people are transfixed by their own cell phones, or shouting their business so that you're forced to overhear. The cell phone nation is grotesque and irritating beyond belief." Singer Morrissey is not a fan of mobile phones.

27th September 2012

Quote: "I love Russell, but... (his) voice has a higher pitch with each film - it's almost a squeal now. I wish he'd do King Lear, or something, because he'd be magnificent." Singer Morrissey is convinced Russell Brand has a career as a Shakespearean actor.

23rd July 2012

Quote: "Now that I have the Key to the City, there's gonna (sic) be some changes made around town. No more doner kebabs, no more Kfc, no more MCDonald's, but most importantly of all - no more Madonna." British singer Morrissey jokes he will introduce a ban on meat and the Material Girl after he was awarded the Freedom of the City of Tel Aviv, Israel.

19th June 2012

Fact: Former The Smiths star Morrissey has landed Iggy Pop & The Stooges as his support act for an upcoming November (12) gig at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

27th February 2012

Fact: Rocker Morrissey took another swipe at Britain's newlywed royals the Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge at a gig in Santiago, Chile on Sunday (26Feb12) - his band took to the stage wearing T-shirts emblazoned with a photograph of the couple and the words, "We hate William and Kate".

20th February 2012

Fact: Veteran rocker Morrissey is joining the digital age - his concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil next month (Mar12) will be broadcast live online.

10th February 2012

Fact: British rocker Morrissey has axed a planned tour of New Zealand later this year (12), blaming "poor offers from local promoters".

5th December 2011

Quote: "I am delighted beyond words to be a Peta postage stamp. The rise and rise of Peta is the rise of common sense in modern society. Join the aims of Peta and join a better world." Vegetarian singer Morrissey is pleased he's been included in a set of stamps released by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

30th November 2011

Fact: A special edition of Mojo magazine in December (11) will contain never-before-seen photographs from inside the London home of The Smiths rocker Morrissey during the band's 1980s heyday.

25th November 2011

Fact: Animal-loving rocker Morrissey delivered a firm anti-fur message during his last-minute show in Hollywood on Wednesday (23Nov11) - his five-piece backing band all wore T-shirts sporting a 'F**k Fur' message.

15th July 2011

Quote: "Smiths songs certainly have an astonishing afterlife. Even Lady Gaga said to me, 'You showed me how it's done'. I have no idea what she meant by 'it'." Morrissey is flattered when new acts list his band The Smiths as a major influence.

15th July 2011

Quote: "The fire in the belly is essential, otherwise you become Michael Buble - famous and meaningless." Morrissey takes aim at Canadian singer Buble.

14th July 2011

Quote: "It is incredibly expensive to tour, and without a sponsor or a rich spinster aunt, we can't travel very far. I'd need to inherit a shipping fortune to get myself to South America, for example. Australia might as well be Pluto." Morrissey on the touring problems facing an unsigned act.

29th June 2011

Fact: British rocker Morrissey's controversial fan-baiting T-shirt has caused a frenzy online - within hours of the singer being photographed onstage wearing a top containing the message, "F**k", hundreds of replica garments have been sold via a website.

27th June 2011

Quote: "The band (mates) I have now are exceptional, yet I am only ever linked in the press with the musicians from The Smiths, even though the ex-Smiths and I are absolute strangers to one another. Silly, isn't it." Morrissey hates being linked to his former band all the time.

21st April 2011

Quote: "I'm just going to carry on like the old blues singers, and die onstage in Chicago, probably." Singer Morrissey plans to rock 'til he drops.

12th April 2011

Quote: "What Morrissey has to say about anything is redundant – he's a bit like me, in that he says things for effect." Bob Geldof was unfazed by the rocker's criticism about his Band Aid fundraiser.

14th July 2010

Fact: Fans of British singer Morrissey are in for a rare treat - six previously unreleased songs are to be included on the remastered version of his 1990 album BONA DRAG, which will hit stores in December (10) to celebrate the record's 20th anniversary.

17th November 2009

Fact: Morrissey's scrapped show in Liverpool, England won't be rescheduled. The former Smiths frontman fled the stage just two songs into his gig earlier this month (Nov09) when he was hit on the head with a large plastic beaker of beer.

28th October 2009

Quote: "My doctor said I shouldn't smile - I told him I never do." Morrissey joked about the advice he received from his physician as he returned to the stage at London's Albert Hall on Tuesday (28Oct09), just three days after he collapsed during a gig in Swindon, England.

20th October 2009

Fact: Bosses at leading concert agency Ticketmaster have risked the wrath of strict vegetarian Morrissey - tickets for the singer's upcoming U.S. tour come with a coupon for a free burger at fast food chain Denny's "after the show".

23rd September 2009

Quote: "It's not necessarily the case that we're not talking. We have email... Who's got time for a feud? Right now I have got screwdrivers inside guitars, my car broke down yesterday... I've got no time for a feud." Former The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr has ended his war of words with former bandmate Morrissey.

27th June 2009

Quote: "The most valuable in my collection is Morrissey from The Smiths as I just love his music." British comic David Walliams collects the autographs of his idols.

16th June 2009

Fact: Morrissey has rescheduled his cancelled May (09) show in Salisbury, England. The gig, which was pulled after the singer became ill, will now take place on 2 November (09).

21st April 2009

Fact: California's Coachella Festival rang up its second biggest year ever at the weekend (17-19Apr09), with 160,000 music fans braving scorching temperatures to see Paul McCartney, The Killers, The Cure, Morrissey and Leonard Cohen, among other top acts. Only 2007's Coachella boasted a better attendance. The weekend's event at the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio was the 10th Coachella.

21st March 2009

Quote: "I do get mistaken for Morrissey. Not so much these days but I used to a lot." SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE director Danny Boyle reckons he's the spitting image of the former The Smiths frontman.

9th March 2009

Quote: "I never felt a sense of belonging anywhere so I felt why try to force the matter? Everything I possess is in a warehouse in L.A." British rocker Morrissey insists he is homeless.

17th February 2009

Quote: "You get the feeling that people are there for life, it's fantastic." Legendary singer Morrissey is delighted to have such dedicated fans.

13th February 2009

Quote: "It is very distressing because I can't really see anyone who is really individualistic. Most people are absolutely boring in music." Morrissey isn't happy with today's musicians.

7th February 2009

Quote: "I've been on so many record labels - something like 77 - and the sensation is like being passed from one puzzled psychiatrist to the next." British singer Morrissey has never felt at home in the music industry.

23rd January 2009

Quote: "I've never seen myself naked. It seemed impolite to look." Pop star Morrissey is a prude.

19th September 2008

Fact: Former The Smiths star Morrissey has penned the afterword for legendary rock photographer BOB GRUEN's new book about the New York Dolls. The Brit is a major fan of the reunited glam punk band.

6th August 2008

Fact: The release of Morrissey's forthcoming album YEARS OF REFUSAL has been pushed back until next year (09). The rocker's representative has yet to give a reason for the delay. The disc was originally scheduled for a September (08) release.

24th August 2007

Fact: Morrissey's publicist has confirmed the singer refused a $75 million (GBP37.5 million) offer to tour with Johnny Marr as The Smiths in 2008 and 2009.

26th March 2007

Quote: "He had long hair in a sort of 1970s style, one of those strange feather cuts, and he wore a very small anorak and nothing else." Morrissey recalls his encounter with a ghost on Saddleworth moor, England in 1989.

23rd June 2006

Fact: Former THE SMITHS stars ANDY ROURKE and MIKE JOYCE have recorded an album together under the band name VINNY PECULIAR. Bassist Rourke and drummer Joyce played alongside guitarist Johnny Marr and frontman Morrissey until The Smiths split in 1987.

30th May 2006

Quote: "That's absolute s**t, absolute s**t and I don't know why people ever said that." British rocker Morrissey leaves the public in no doubt about his rumoured romance with REM frontman Michael Stipe.

28th March 2006

Quote: "Billy Crudup. That'd be fantastic. Or someone very pasty. Somebody near death." Morrissey muses who should play him in a biopic.

28th March 2006

Quote: "I don't get invited to things like Live 8 because I have too much to say and I might say the wrong thing, which, as we all know, would be the right thing." Morrissey claims he was too controversial for 2005 anti-poverty gigs.

10th March 2006

Fact: Bob Dylan and Morrissey will headline this year's (06) Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

28th November 2005

Quote: <p>"It was very flattering because he'd turned so many multi-million selling pop acts down, so I was delighted that he said yes to scruffy old me. He was very shy, and he was heavily surrounded and shielded. There's no way that he and I would end up at the local pub playing darts." Morrissey on landing a string arrangement by revered composer Ennio Morricone on his new tune DEAR GOD PLEASE HELP ME. </p>

27th September 2005

Quote: <p>"I'll be shot - probably by one of the ex-Smiths." Former The Smiths frontman Morrissey predicts his own demise. </p>

23rd August 2005

Fact: <p>Morrissey will be honoured for his animal rights stance when People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) celebrate their 25th anniversary with a party in Los Angeles on 10 September (05). Polyphonic Spree will perform at the event. </p>


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