When Morrissey apparently started Tweeting away, fans and detractors of the controversial singer were excited. He’s known for his outspoken views, and rarely seeks filtration when it comes to communicating with the public. Purely as an entertainment vessel, Morrissey on Twitter was a thrilling prospect.

MorrisseyMorrissey signs copies of his autobiography in Sweden

Alas, it’s not him. “I would like to stress that I do not have either a Twitter or a Facebook account. I gather that a Twitter account has been opened in my name - as 'It's Morrissey' - but it is NOT Morrissey. I do not know who has opened this recent Twitter account, but please be aware that it is bogus. That's, of course, if you should remotely care. Untwitterably yours, MORRISSEY,” he wrote on True To You.

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If it wasn’t for that little blue tick – the one that suggests an account is verified – people would have probably dismissed this as another joker trying to rack up some attention by pretending to be someone else. But that damn blue tick; it confuses people. 

on May 14 a tweet was sent out by this verified Morrissey account, @itsmorrissey, reading: "Hello. Testing, 1, 2, 3. Planet Earth, are you there? One can only hope...". Four more tweets have since been posted, with tour details and a tweet which read: "Twitter is the perfect metaphor for...something. Dunno what." 

Morrisey has recently signed a new, worldwide record deal with Universal Music's US-based Harvest Records for the release of his 10th studio album. 

The 'World Peace Is None of Your Business' tracklisting is:

'World Peace Is None Of Your Business'

'Neal Cassady Drops Dead'


'I'm Not A Man'

'Earth Is The Loneliest Planet'

'Staircase At The University'

'The Bullfighter Dies'

'Kiss Me A Lot'

'Smiler With Knife'

'Kick The Bride Down the Aisle'


'Oboe Concerto'