Morrissey’s sold out concert in Los Angeles on March 1st will be strictly vegetarian, according to a report.

The former Smiths man is of course known for his strong vegetarian stance, which has long worked its way into his songs and lyrics, and he has previous history with regards playing at meat-serving venues as well. In 2009 the singer famously stormed off the stage Coachella after claiming he could smell “burning flesh”, and various reports last year claimed that the Californian event’s organizers promised a meat-free festival if he reformed The Smiths for 2013.

The BBC reports that The Staples Center in LA will not serve any meat on the night of the March 1st, in light of Morrissey urging them to close down their McDonalds stores and banish the sale of “flesh as food”. In a short statement by the artist, he said "I don't look upon it as a victory for me, but a victory for the animals." Of course, at the moment there’s no guarantee Morrissey will even make the concert, given health the issues he’s been suffering from. Currently struggling from a bleeding ulcer, he’s had to postpone a series of US dates, and wont’ be returning until the Live With Jimmy Kimmel TV show on February 26th; should he still be struggling with his recovery, this LA show date could well be ultimately postponed too.

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