Morrissey has announced a two-night run in Las Vegas next month.

The former Smiths frontman was forced to cancel a number of U.S. tour dates in January due to “physical exhaustion”, but the musician has announced he will be performing a pair of concerts at Las Vegas’ House of Blues on 26 and 27 July now he is in “good health”.

Taking to Instagram, he wrote: “Despite recent fiascoes, I will indeed be fully present in blood-soaked flesh at the House of Blues in Las Vegas on July 26 (Friday) and 27 (Saturday).

“Having hung upside down for several months, I am now in good health - like an arrow fully drawn and waiting to be fired: please fling me.”

The 65-year-old singer continued: “Life begins again with full accompaniment from Jesse Tobias (guitar), Carmen Vandenberg (guitar), Camila Grey (keyboards), Solomon Walker (bass), and Matthew Walker (drums.)

“Expect a night of thrust and parry - no-show tunes.

“If you can find a decent pair of shoes, by all means come along. There is nothing quite like physical proximity, I am assured. If you would rather not come, then you are obviously one-half of a twin pair of parakeets.

“Some people sing, some poison the air. But if life is meaningless then why was there not always nothing?”

The ‘Suedehead’ hitmaker added that “good news was finally within our grasp” regarding his long-delayed album ‘Bonfire of Teenagers’, which he had struggled to release due to a dispute with his former label Capitol Records.

Morrissey had hoped to launch the L.P. a year ago but the project got derailed after he left his label and management company in 2022.

He concluded: “Hopefully, I will smell you in Vegas - where the audiences always stay the same age ... are you in the mood?

“At large — Morrissey (sic).”