In what is possibly the least surprising collaboration of the year, legendary singer/songwriter Morrissey has teamed up with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in an animated video that is backed by the musician’s 1992 track, 'I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday.'

MorrisseyMorrissey Performing in Manchester

The three minute long dramatic video clip depicts an adorable baby chicken named Nugget, who’s separated from its mother while being shipped off to a slaughterhouse. The chicken, while in its tearful travel, manages to escape and, after wandering through a dark forest, finds sanctuary at PETA headquarters where animals roam free. However, the scene pans back to the slaughterhouse where the process repeats, showing that every chicken usually isn’t as lucky.

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Okay, so it’s kind of a weird video for sure, but what’s the point of it anyway? The video was created with the help of PETA and Los Angeles-based animator Anna Saunders, and the cartoon is set to be shown during his current U.S. tour, which started earlier this month and ends in late June. Additionally, the video coincides with Morrissey’s upcoming 55th birthday on May 22, and according to PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange, you don’t even have to buy him a present to celebrate.

"PETA's Someday video shows us what happens every day in the meat industry - animals are torn away from their mothers, are caged, and eventually have their throats slit,” Lange said in a press release. “The best way for anyone to celebrate Morrissey's birthday is to go vegan - not someday, but today."

Morrissey is a known animal rights activist, but sometimes expresses that passion a little too strongly, and inappropriately. Over the years, he’s been subjected to a number of controversies regarding the matter. In 2011, he told the crowd at a show in Poland that the recent murders by Anders Breivik were nothing compared what happens in places like McDonald’s every day, and earlier this year, said that there is no difference between eating animals and pedophilia, as both are “rape, violence, and murder.” In 2013, Morrissey had the Staples Center go completely vegetarian for his performance, while also canceling an appearance at Jimmy Kimmel Live as the guests for that night included the cast of ‘Duck Dynasty.’

Morrissey PerformingMorrissey's new album comes out July 15

I guess, in hindsight, this PETA cartoon isn’t nearly taking Morrissey’s views to the extremes that they’ve been before. In fact, the video is pretty well done, and it’s probably going to get a good response when shown at his upcoming shows. His current tour is in support for his tenth studio album, World Peace Is None Of Your Business, out July 15.