Morrissey has enlisted the help of Pamela Anderson for a spoken word video for new single Earth is the Loneliest Planet. The famous animal rights activists stand atop the Capitol Tower in Los Angeles, looking out on a dusky Hollywood skyline. 

MorrisseyMorrissey Has Teamed Up With Pamela Anderson

Beautifully shot by Natalie Johns, the video sees Morrissey narrated a tale of a doomed universe - of course, caused by man's own wrongdoing. 

"Earth is the loneliest planet of all, earth is the loneliest planet of all, Day after day you say one day, day after day you say one day," he says, "But you're in the wrong place and you've got the wrong face, And humans are not really very humane."

Anderson launched her own charity which supports organisations working "on the frontlines of human rights, animal rights and environmental protection" at the Cannes Film Festival last month.

Pamela AndersonPamela Anderson in Monaco

Morrissey and Anderson have been close friends since 2002 and apparently spent a vegetarian Thanksgiving together, along with Kid Rock and John Salley.

The new video is the latest bit of promotion for Earth is the Loneliest Planet, the latest single to be taken from Morrissey's new album World Peace Is None of Your Business. The record is scheduled for release in July. The full tracklisting is as followed:

 World Peace Is None Of Your Business'

'Neal Cassady Drops Dead'


'I'm Not A Man'

'Earth Is The Loneliest Planet'

'Staircase At The University'

'The Bullfighter Dies'

'Kiss Me A Lot'

'Smiler With Knife'

'Kick The Bride Down the Aisle'


'Oboe Concerto'