Morrissey has congratulated Ireland on its historic referendum result on gay marriage, though there's a "must do better" caveat. The former Smiths frontman shared a message on the True To You blog on Sunday after Ireland had voted overwhelmingly to legalise same-sex marriage.

MorrisseyMorrissey praised Ireland - but said the country still has work to do

In the message under the headline 'Congratulations to Ireland', Morrissey wrote: "The people, once again, teach the church. The people, once again, teach the politicians."

However, the animal rights activist added: "Now, Ireland, please abolish fur farms and factory-farming and transportation of live animals, and welcome yourself completely into the 21st century."

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Morrissey, who recently revealed that he had a relationship with a man, has been a proponent of animal rights for several years. He famously walked off stage at the Coachella festival because he could smell meat being cooked and recently attacked Al Gore and the Live Earth event for serving meat. 

"Serving meat and dairy products at an event to combat climate change is like selling pistols at a gun-control rally", he said.

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Morrissey also bailed on a show in Iceland due to the venue's apparent "cannibalistic flesh-eating bloodlust."

Last year, the singer revealed he had undergone treatments for cancer, writing: "If I die, then I die . I'll rest when I'm dead."

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