Morrissey has claimed he's "always been treated like a scientific experiment gone wrong" by the music industry.

The former Smiths singer - who has been criticised by some people for his anti-lockdown views - has fired back at his critics and claimed he has "always been cancelled".

Speaking to his nephew Sam Esty Rayner on his official website, he said: "You can’t cancel someone who has always been cancelled. When did you last see me on television, or hear me on the radio?

"I unintentionally invented the condition of being cancelled... The music industry hasn’t ever celebrated me or offered me free food.

"I’ve always been treated like a scientific experiment gone wrong. I’m used to it. I’ve been immune to enemy fire for many years. I wear a bullet-proof vest in the bath.

“It seems to me that as soon as one person boos they all start to boo, and then when someone cheers they all start to cheer… but that’s just a loose theory.”

The 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' hitmaker - who was dropped by his label BMG last year - is set to release his 14th studio album 'Bonfire Of Teenagers' before the end of 2021.

He revealed earlier this year: "The worst year of my life concludes with the best album of my life."

Upon hearing he had been let go by his label, Morrissey said it was "perfectly in keeping with the relentless galvanic horror of 2020".

He wrote at the time: "This is perfectly in keeping with the relentless galvanic horror of 2020. We would be critically insane to expect anything positive. My three albums with BMG have been the best of my career, and I stand by them till death. Recording them has been a pivotal period in my life, and I thank the previous BMG team and everyone involved for that. It's still important to me to do music my own way, and I wouldn't want to be on a label that dictates so specifically how their artists should behave - especially when the word 'talent' is notably never mentioned."

Morrissey is known for his outspoken views, previously calling halal meat "evil".