Morgan Freeman was joined by his 'Going In Style' co-stars Michael Caine and Alan Arkin for a legendary edition of the autocomplete interview, where they divulged some little known facts about themselves based on the most searched questions on the internet.

Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Alan Arkin and Zach Braff at the world premiere of 'Going In Style'Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Alan Arkin and Zach Braff at the world premiere of 'Going In Style'

Google browsers sure do have some strange queries about these veteran stars, but the stories that they have regarding them are even weirder. The trio star in a new comedy from Zach Braff, which is in theatres this week.

In answer to the question of 'Is Morgan Freeman a Beekeeper?', the actor reveals that he does in fact own a hive of bees. 'In a manner of speaking, I am', he said on the Wired interview. 'I have a lady, a gardener, who is the actual beekeeper. They're my bees, but she keeps them. Happy and healthy.'

Referencing a search term regarding Kevin Pollak's incredible impression of Alan Arkin, the latter admits it's uncanny. 'He does a mean version of me', he reveals. 'To the extent where he's left messages on my answering machine as me and I thought it was me.'

Michael Caine managed to darken the tone considerably with a story about how he got involved with Langan's brasserie. 'I owned a Langan's, yeah. I owned two Langan's', he said. 'I was doing a picture with Sidney Poitier and he said, 'You're always on about opening a La Coupole in Paris'. And he said, 'The chef where I go, he's always on about it' and it was a guy called Peter Langan. The restaurant was a massive success, but Peter... it ended [when] he killed himself trying to murder his wife.'

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It's safe to say no-one was expecting that story. Nor were they expecting Morgan Freeman to have a tattoo! 'I was in love with a girl and I was going to put her initials on my arm inside this heart, and when they put the tattoo on I decided, 'Wait a minute, this is going to be here the rest of my life'', he recalled.

Also, Michael admits that he only started acting because he thought people found him funny; turns out he just forgot to check his zipper. 'I started acting in school when I was 10-years-old', he said. 'I played Baron Fitznoodle who was the father of the ugly sisters in Cinderella. And I got a laugh because my flies were undone and I took up acting based on the laugh.'