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16th October 2013

Quote: "At this point (in my pregnancy), my back is killing me, so I get acupuncture and massages once a week. It's the one thing that really gives me relief." Homeland star Morena Baccarin relies on regular spa treatments to help her relax as she awaits the imminent birth of her first child.

20th September 2013

Quote: My doctor's my plus-one, so we're all good... He'll be waiting in the limo... I told myself that I was gonna go and if I went in to labour at the Emmys, I was gonna sit through it. I mean No baby comes in four-and-a-half, five hours anyway. I'm gonna wait it out and cross my legs." Heavily pregnant Homeland star Morena Baccarin on her Emmy night plans

20th September 2013

Quote: "We all got a tour together and then a few of us got singled out and the ones who were foreign nationals, who weren't actually born in the United States, couldn't go into the gift shop... I'm clearly not allowed to see the C.I.A. shotglasses." Brazil-born Homeland star Morena Baccarin missed out on a trip to the C.I.A. store during a recent cast visit to the Central Intelligence Agency headquarters.

10th June 2013

Quote: "I was a little freaked out about telling the show - just because, as a woman, (I had) a sense of responsibility to my job and I suddenly felt like, 'Am I going to be disappointing everybody that I'm knocked up?' But life goes on. Everybody was so kind to me. Claire's laid down the groundwork, and they're really good at hiding pregnancies now." Homeland star Morena Baccarin felt nervous about announcing her pregnancy. Her co-star Claire Danes became a first-time mother in December (12).

16th May 2013

Tweet: "Thank you everyone for all the good wishes! We are thrilled." Homeland star Morena Baccarin thanks fans for their messages after news broke that she is expecting her first child with husband Austin Chick.

8th November 2012

Fact: Homeland co-stars Claire Danes and Morena Baccarin attended the same New York junior high school.

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