Review of Lighten up Single by Morcheeba


Morcheeba - Lighten up - Single Review

Morcheeba - Lighten up - Single Review

Lighten up

This is definitely a chilled out Dido style song! The vocals are amazing and so mellow. It has a quite pop sound and a bit similar to Dido.

Ross and Paul Godfrey aka Morcheeba return with their fifth album The Antidote on 9th May 2005. Daisy Martey, who’s the new singer after replacing Skye Edwards, their new record “Lighten up” s pure pop.

They are getting on the summer song band wagon with this track!

The vocals of new girl Daisy is more charismatic and lighter than Skye’s voice. I found this song to be a little like the girl who sang “Doves”. However, it has a fun element and is definitely one to listen to in the sunlight.

Catch the band this summer as they’ll be wowing the crowds all throughout Europe. The best gig to get to in Spain is the Metro rock in Madrid on 25 th June!

Also check them out at the Zurich Live at Sunset festival on 21 st July 2005.

Candice Finney