Actress Moon Bloodgood has released a new video to, pleading for donations to keep her niece alive.

Little Olive Kang, who is 16 months old, has been diagnosed with a "severe congenital heart defect" and is in desperate need of a heart and lung transplant, according to the Terminator Salvation star.

In the video, Bloodgood says, "How do you make a video saying, 'If your child should die, could you please donate to my niece?' I wrestled with that but at some point you get over it because you're trying to save someone's life."

She adds, "What we found out is, God forbid, is if they are in that circumstance where they have to make a decision about their child they can direct donate the organs.

"The parents can say who they want the organs to go to. It's something I feel horrible talking about but Olive just took a turn for the worse and we are desperate for a heart-lung transplant and they have to come from the same person.

"Olive's parents were told we might have to start preparing for hospice care if the donor doesn’t come soon. Her lungs are dying. She could go tonight or in two weeks or in three weeks. They definitely don't think she has more than a month.

"We're at the end right now. It's such a weird position to be in, to hope that another child's organs are going to save yours. It's the worst predicament to be in. I know that if my daughter gets a cold my heart breaks. I just can't imagine."

The actress concludes her heartfelt plea by stating, "I'm an actress who's not famous but maybe you know my name so I thought, 'What can I do to get my niece's name out there?'"

Anyone who thinks they may be able to help is asked to visit Olive's Facebook site or email the family at [email protected]