Animal rights activists at People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have fired off an angry letter to troubled country star TROY GENTRY, urging the singer to hang up his hunting bow and arrow. Gentry has been indicted in Minnesota for illegally killing a tame black bear in an enclosure and 'tagging' it as a wild kill and faces up to five years behind bars if convicted. But PETA officials insist that even if Gentry walks free - for what his manager insists is a huge misunderstanding - they're not prepared to let him get away with his hunting mishap. In a strongly-worded letter to the Montgomery Gentry star, PETA's top wildlife biologist STEPHANIE BOYLES writes, "Your website says that you are an avid environmentalist and a guy who truly loves God's creation, and treats it with respect. "Your many fans are wondering what exactly is respectful about stalking and shooting a tamed animal in a fenced-in enclosure. "Even hunters condemn canned hunting facilities, where cowardly people can pay to blast away tame, confined, native, and exotic animals, often frightened zoo and circus castoffs who are purchased at auctions. "Now that this shameful incident is making headlines around the world, we hope that you'll agree that killing for fun is hardly something to be proud of, and that you'll decide to save animals - and your image - by hanging up your bow and arrow."