Hunter Montgomery, 19, was taken off life support in a Kentucky hospital over the weekend, and the country star announced his son had died on Sunday (27Sep15), but he did not reveal the details about the cause of death.

On Wednesday (30Sep15), rumours suggesting Hunter's death was linked to drugs surfaced, and his mum, Montgomery's ex-wife Tracy Nunan, took to that night to set the record straight.

She wrote, "When a family asks for privacy, there is a reason. Grieving the loss of a child is the most heart-wrenching experience any parent can imagine. It defies description. Since the media refuses to respect our request for privacy, I’m taking another route in (the) hope that we might get some peace for our grieving, and more important, in (the) hope that Hunter’s story might help others.

"Our son died of an overdose. We believe it was accidental and will continue to believe that. We know that he needed help. Maybe Hunter's - and our family's - pain will help another family avoid this."

Nunan added, "Not a day will go by without our missing him. Now that your curiosity is satisfied, please have the respect to stop hounding us. Instead, take our story and use it to help others."

Hunter was the youngest of four children Montgomery and Nunan share. The former couple split in 2010.

Montgomery Gentry axed a concert in Georgia on Wednesday to allow Eddie Montgomery time to mourn the death of his son and prepare for his funeral on Thursday (01Oct15).

The duo is still on the bill for the Grand Ole Opry's 90th birthday bash in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday (02Oct15).