Country star TROY LEE GENTRY has been caught up in a hunting scandal after allegedly buying and killing a tame bear in 2004. The Montgomery Gentry singer is facing charges of hunting the black bear with a bow and arrow in an enclosed pen in Minnesota and then 'tagging' the beast as a wild kill. In court in Duluth, Minnesota on Tuesday (15AUG06), Gentry, 39, and hunting guide LEE MARVIN GREENLY faced allegations the bear was killed on Greenly's estate, not in the wild as they reported. The incident was captured on videotape and then edited to make it look as if Gentry shot the animal in a "fair chase" hunting situation. Prosecutors alleged Gentry paid Greenly more than $4,500 (GBP2,500) for the chance to kill the bear. If convicted the rocker and his pal face up to five years in prison. Gentry's manager, JOHNNY DORRIS, insists the country singer is not the criminal in this case, stating, "He relied on the knowledge and expertise of a local guide to obtain the proper permit. "Troy felt what he did was legal and in full compliance of the law and was surprised to hear of the indictment."