R&B sensation, Monica, is being questioned by her dead boyfriend's family, as they seem to think she knows more than she is letting on about his suicide. Monica was beside the car containing her boyfriend, Jarvis Weems, when he shot himself in July 2000; she has now spent the past three years trying to get over the shocking tragedy.

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Jarvis Weems' mother, Tyra, is certain that Monica knows more about his demise, however. Tyra Weems admits: "I don't believe my son killed himself. I feel Monica knows a lot more than she's admitting." Monica, however, states that her 24-year-old boyfriend phoned her up from his car, informing her that he was parked at the grave yard where his brother had been buried. Arriving at the car, Monica say that he refuse to unlock the car doors, before shooting himself before her.

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The distraught mother has picked holes in the singer's statement, revealing that: "The bullet went in on the right side of his head, but he was left-handed. Why would he use the wrong hand to shoot himself?" She continues to criticize both the singer and the police, by saying: "The cops just took her word for what happened. Now I wish my son had never met her."