Monica Lewinsky will be airing out her dirty laundry in public once again, only this time she wont be bringing any Presidencies to an end, but rather having some of her belongings put on sale from the Lewinsky scandal. The items from the federal investigation are being sold off by auction house Nate D. Sanders, with online bidding ending this Thursday (June 27).

Among the items being put up for sale include letters between Lewinsky and Andy Bleiler, who was also involved in the Lewinsky as another married man with whom Lewinsky was said to had an affair while she was an intern at the White House, and some items of clothing including a black negligee and a large blue velour hoodie. It does not, however, contain the infamous blue dress which proved in court that the then-intern had extra-marital relationship with Bill Clinton in the 1990s.

The current bid - as of Tuesday (June 25) afternoon - on lot #375 stands at $3,025 and is believed to be worth within the region of $25,000 and $50,000. With only two days to go, the bidding is going to have to be knocked up a peg if it is to meet it's valuation, but how many Monica Lewinsky fanciers willing to pay $50,000 can be out there?

Lewinsky is currently believed to be living somewhere in the United Kingdom, although she has become increasingly secluded since the scandal. Kate Nason, the now ex-wife of Bleiler, owned the items up for sale. If you feel as though you need more Monica Lewinsky-related items in your life, you can place a bid at

Monica Lewinsky London
Monica Lewinsky has become something of a recluse since the scandal