Monica Bellucci believes ''good sex'' is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

The 'SPECTRE' actress doesn't agree with following a strict diet and a tough workout regime to stay in shape because she thinks getting frisky beneath the sheets and filling up on greens is the perfect combination for a long and happy life.

She said: ''I'm not someone who wakes up at 6am to go to the gym. So I just didn't eat pasta for a few days before we started shooting [the new James Bond movie] and that was about it. Because the truth is I like cakes and pasta, the odd glass of wine and very occasional cigarette.''

She added: ''My advice is: eat well, drink well, have good sex and laugh a lot. The rest comes all on its own.''

Meanwhile, the 51-year-old star - who has two daughters Leonie and Deva, 11, with her estranged husband Vincent Cassel - may be famous for her incredible curves, jaw-dropping good looks and talent on screen but she is adamant she won't do anymore nude scenes in the future.

She told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper's Stella magazine: [I'll do] sexy, but not nude. I have done them in the past, of course - and it's not because I've had children that I have to do things that are proper. I'm an actress, so I had to use my body to express so many things.''