Review of Dim The Aurora Album by Monahans

Review of Monahans album Dim The Aurora released through Misra

Monahans Dim The Aurora Album

Monahans has risen from the ashes of Milton Mapes, a band who were very talented, and their albums written and created for the sake of music, no fashion, no genre, just great music. The Blacklight Trap was the groups latest offering and it's a perfect example of their music. Austin, Texas based Monahans (not The Monahans.) is Greg Vanderpool and Roberto S nchez, Will Johnson of Centro-matic also features on this record as a guest.

Dim Te Aurora is moves on from the groups 2007 debut, picture Crazy Horse-era Neil Young and add some Document R.E.M and slowly filter it through some of Nick Cave's darkness. 'It's Enough To Leave You' would be my first choice as a single but 'I Run To You' is the kind of song that you want to play over immediately. Like a Coen Brothers soundtrack, there is dust all over this album, dust that reaches every part, every nook and cranny. It is a wonderful, self-aware, understated gem.

Rating 9/10

Mike Rea

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