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10th November 2016

Fact: Molly Sims is expecting a baby boy. The 43-year-old Las Vegas actress and her husband Scott Stuber are set to welcome a son into the world early next year (16), a sibling for their other children Brooks, four, and Scarlett, 19 months.Taking to her YouTube account to reveal the news, the blonde beauty uploaded a video of her lifting the lid on a box filled with blue balloons as she exclaimed: "We're having a boy!"

24th October 2016

Quote: "We originally weren't gonna know, but now we're gonna figure out what it is. We have our list of boy names and girl names and weird names and cool names, but we haven't agreed on anything." Model/actress Molly Sims has had a change of heart about finding out the sex of her unborn child, because she and her husband Scott Stuber are having trouble narrowing down potential baby names. The couple also has four-year-old son Brooks Alan and 19-month-old daughter Scarlett May.

3rd October 2013

Quote: "I'm like, 'Who is he talking to? Who is he playing with? And, yes, he was with Harper Beckham. And, David Beckham is the nicest guy... I even said, 'Oh my god.' I didn't realise it was her (Harper)!" Actress Molly Sims had no idea who her son Brooks had befriended after meeting David and Victoria Beckham's little girl in a New York City playground last month (Sep13).

19th September 2013

Quote: "He's taking me to where we got married in Napa. He's planning it all - maybe a little wine tasting, maybe a little fun, maybe some massages, the whole thing!" Model-turned-actress Molly Sims will be celebrating her second wedding anniversary with husband Scott Stuber at the spot where they exchanged vows on 24 September, 2011. The couple wed at the Frank Cafaretta Vineyard in Napa Valley, just four months after getting engaged.

9th August 2013

Fact: Model/actress Molly Sims is set to appear in an upcoming episode of Sex And The City prequel series The Carrie Diaries. The beauty is currently shooting her part in New York.

3rd May 2013

Quote: "He loves playing with his trucks. This morning we were in water puddles. We get down and dirty! I'm trying not to be such a germaphobe. I have to be careful about being overprotective." Model-turned-actress Molly Sims has been forced to overcome her fear of germs after becoming a mother, because her baby son loves to play in the dirt.

23rd August 2012

Tweet: "SO many diaper changes. Then, inevitably, Brooks ends up peeing on me! New moms out there - happening to you too? joysofmotherhood". Model/actress Molly Sims suffers a diaper mishap with her newborn son.

9th August 2012

Quote: "My first seven weeks as a mama have been both amazing and hard! There's a lot of sleep deprivation involved, but I guess that comes with the territory! Brooks has been sleeping in two-and-a-half to three-and-a-half hour shifts, so I've been learning to nap when he naps." New mum Molly Sims is adapting to life as a mum to little Brooks Alan, who was born in June (12).

25th July 2012

Quote: "I lost 30 pounds in the first 10 days from all the fluid. I just want to get back in my jeans and feel sexy. Right now I'm in lounge pants." Model Molly Sims, who gave birth to her first child last month (Jun12), is feeling the pressure to get her body back in shape.

27th June 2012

Fact: Model/actress Molly Sims and her husband Scott Stuber have named their newborn son Brooks Alan Stuber. The beauty gave birth to her first child last week (19Jun12).

21st June 2012

Quote: "It is with such absolute pride and pure joy that we welcome baby Stuber into our lives. He weighs in at just over seven pounds, and I could just eat him up he's so sweet! Scott and I could not be happier, and can't wait to watch our little guy grow and see the world through his eyes." Actress/model Molly Sims gushes about her new baby boy, who was born on Tuesday (19Jun12). The tot is the first child for the star and her husband Scott Stuber.

20th June 2012

Tweet: "Congrats (sic) MollyBSims on the birth of your baby boy!!! Congrats (sic) to you and scott. Teresa xx." Actress Teresa Palmer sends her best wishes to new mum Molly Sims, who gave birth to a son on Tuesday (19Jun12).

23rd May 2012

Quote: "You get big and you get uncomfortable. You start thinking that at any moment you might go into labour even though you know it's not true." Molly Sims is struggling with the final weeks of her pregnancy.

8th May 2012

Tweet: "It is official. I've gone up a bra size (pregnancy bonus)...Ha!!" Model/actress Molly Sims on the benefits of being an expectant mum.

8th May 2012

Tweet: "True Story: I stuck my feet in the freezer today. Can you say swelling? Oh the joys of pregnancy." Model-turned-actress Molly Sims on the downsides of pregnancy.

21st February 2012

Quote: "It's hard for even me to believe... The baby just started kicking and at this point it's only a matter of weeks until life as I know it is going to completely change - and I can't wait!" Pregnant model Molly Sims is excited about her impending motherhood.

2nd November 2011

Fact: Desperate Housewives star MARCIA CROSS, actress Angie Harmon and model Molly Sims have all designed a 2011 holiday greeting card for Kodak. The sale of each stationery item will benefit the charity of each star's choice.

25th January 2011

Quote: "I think there’s a mistress in all of us." Model/actress Molly Sims.

24th May 2010

Fact: Molly Sims will celebrate her birthday by treating 10 of her friends to a vacation in Mexico. The actress will turn 37 on Tuesday (25May10).

26th March 2010

Fact: Model Molly Sims launched her new jewellery range at top New York fashion store Henri Bendel on Tuesday (23Mar10) with her on/off beau, actor Aaron Eckhart, and GOSSIP GIRL star Kelly Rutherford on hand for support. The collection of elaborate costume jewellery is priced between $75 (£47) and $250 (£156.25).

31st May 2009

Quote: "I think her body is insane." Model-turned-actress Molly Sims has confessed to a crush on Justin Timberlake's girlfriend Jessica Biel.

16th February 2009

Quote: "I was waiting for (my date) at what I thought was the window of this restaurant, and I ran into a glass door and fell down backward. So my date was waving to me and I'm on the floor. I had a massive knot on my massive forehead... I had a slight concussion and I had to go home." Supermodel-turned-TV actress Molly Sims reveals her most embarrassing dating moment.

2nd February 2009

Quote: "I'm not a golf groupie, I swear! But Adam Scott is yummy - Kate Hudson has just been seen with him and I'm so jealous!" Molly Sims has a secret crush on the golf star.

20th May 2008

Quote: "I always step into the plane with my right foot. And no one can talk to me when we're taking off". Model-turned-TV star Molly Sims reveals her peculiar pre-flight rituals to manage her fear of flying.

8th August 2006

Fact: Music legend Quincy Jones has murdered model Molly Sims and is burying her body in the desert - in new Jimmy Choo print ads. Jones is pictured resting on a shovel while Sims is slumped dead in the trunk of his car. The stylish shots were taken by movie maker BRETT RATNER.

4th August 2006

Fact: 50 Cent's one-time movie lover Joy Bryant has joined Molly Sims and 2003 MISS UNIVERSE AMELIA VEGA to front a new TV ad campaign for make-up giants Cover Girl.

29th July 2006

Quote: "I want a herd of kids, three at least." Model-turned-actress Molly Sims has big plans for motherhood.

20th July 2006

Quote: "I had the worst overbite ever. Had I not had the two years (wearing) headgear and rubber bands, I never would have smiled." Model Molly Sims on her teenage dental problems.

8th March 2006

Quote: "I was hoping maybe it would have been $40 million - a little more coverage, but it was only $30... It was a little shocking." Model Molly Sims talks about the barely-there $30 million (GBP17.6 million) diamond-studded SUSAN ROSEN bikini she sports in Sports Illustrated's new swimsuit issue.

9th January 2006

Fact: <p>Miami Beach, Florida's Pipino Salon was a busy place for celebrities on New Year's Eve (31DEC05) - Lindsay Lohan and model/actress Molly Sims were spotted having their hair styled there for midnight parties at the same time. </p>

15th September 2005

Fact: <p>Naomi Campbell, Molly Sims and Lindsay Lohan will be modelling outfits at the New York Fashion Week on Friday night (16SEP05) as part of a Fashion For Relief venture. The clothes featured at the charity catwalk show will later be auctioned off for the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. </p>

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