Molly Sims is trying not to be an overprotective mother.

The 39-year-old actress gave birth to her first child, Brooks, 10 months ago and while she worries about him getting sick or injured, she is trying to let him be independent.

She told People magazine: ''I've gotten really great advice to really let him be a boy and let him explore. I'm trying not to be a germaphobe, I just have to be careful about being overprotective. I have a system on my phone where I can see his room. I can be obsessive.''

Blonde beauty Molly - who wed producer Scott Stuber in September 2011- also can't stop dressing up Brooks in all the different outfits they have bought for him.

Molly wrote: ''Scott and I love dressing him up in all the cute little outfits he has - sometimes he ends up wearing three different outfits in a day - and blue and green are definitely his colors.''

The proud mother also admitted the feeling she had when she first held baby Brooks after giving birth was indescribable.

The 'Yes Man' actress gushed: ''I think that no matter how prepared you are - no matter how many hours you spend researching strollers, stocking up on organic baby food, and decorating the nursery - there's simply nothing that can prepare you for the feeling that comes with holding your baby for the first time.''