Mollie King won David Gandy over with her ''tight'' jeans.

The Saturdays singer - who reconciled with the model last August, over two years after they split for the first time - favours a ''classic and tailored'' look when she is trying to impress a guy for the first time.

She said: ''When I'm trying to impress on a date, I like to go for classic and tailored things. A nice classic blue or white shirt, maybe teamed up with some tight denim jeans.

''I love wearing A-Line skirts too and also 60s mini skirt are cute. Something that gives a bit of shape, shows something but not too much. I like to look feminine too.''

The 27-year-old beauty never deprives herself of her favourite sweet treats, but takes a balanced approach to her diet, and credits that with regular exercise for her enviable figure.

She told BANG Showbiz: ''I just take everything in moderation, I've really got a sweet tooth so I do love having a little treat at the end of a dinner, but I think if I'm going to have a big nice dessert then I always choose the healthier dinner option.

''I like to have a lot of fish in my diet, as long as you have an active lifestyle as well then you can treat yourself. I think there's a place and a time for all of it really.''

Mollie believes she has two very different sides to her personality.

She explained: ''I am a Gemini so I do have both the sophisticated and playful sides to me. When I'm on stage performing with the girls I'm playful and but then my sophisticated side comes out when I'm doing my fashion.''

Mollie King has teamed up with Magnum to celebrate the launch of Magnum Pink and Magnum Black ice cream this summer. The partnership was unveiled last night (22.04.15) at a star-studded party held at Institute of Contemporary Art, London.