Mollie King stays motivated for workouts by hitting the gym with her model boyfriend David Gandy.

The Saturdays star has revealed having her hunky partner by her side while she exercises encourages her to make the most out of her workouts and stops her getting distracted.

She said: ''I go [to the gym] with my boyfriend. David is very good at keeping me focussed. Otherwise, I can get distracted. He will be like, 'Come on. Let's do it!' I need someone to egg me on, and working out is a nice thing to do together: I see those couples who run together and think, 'You guys are legends. I want to be like you!'''

The blonde beauty, 28, added she is trying to convince David, 35, to go on bike rides with her but sometimes finds it too difficult to prise herself away from the sofa.

She said: ''I've suggested we go on bike rides together but it hasn't happened yet. Right now we are all about the gym. Getting there is the hardest bit - it's so much more comfy on the sofa.''

Mollie added that hitting the gym with her beau also brings out her competitive side.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper's You magazine: ''One I'm there, though, I become very competitive. I see everyone else pumping iron and I want to do it too.''