Mollie King eats takeaways every night.

The 32-year-old singer-turned-DJ is a ''terrible'' cook so prefers to order in her evening meals, but tries to balance that by eating healthily throughout the day.

She said: ''I'd be lying if I said I cook, I'm terrible!

''Normally I order a takeaway, Chinese or Thai.

''It's not so healthy, but I try to have healthy breakfasts and lunches.''

Although the former Saturdays singer loved having her friends over before social distancing measures were imposed due to the coronavirus, they know better than to expect her to cook for them.

She admitted: ''Before lockdown, I'd often have friends over. But they know it's safer to not have my cooking, so we'd order in or stick to nibbles and drinks or maybe put a pizza in the oven.

''I know that has student vibes, but everyone loves pizza.

''I tend to see The Saturdays girls separately, as we're too busy to get together all five of us.

''I often see Frankie Bridge for a curry and we get the same thing every time. We're boring like that.''

Mollie recently surprised herself by joining social media platform TikTok and joked the videos are her new way of staying in shape.

She told Grazia magazine: ''Now that we're always at home. I've surprised myself by joining TikTok. I never thought I'd do it, but here I am learning the latest routine to Doja Cat or trying to mime a famous line from the Kardashians!

''I know, I can't believe I'm doing it either.

''Those routines are a new way of staying fit.''