The trailer for Jordan Vogt-Roberts' new coming of age movie 'The Kings of Summer' is finally here and, well, it looks great. Written by newcomer Chris Galletta, the movie has been dubbed a cross between Superbad and Stand By Me - high praise indeed, though can it really be that good?

It seems so, given critics unanimously praised the movie following its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, where it was part of the official selection. It follows the life of Joe Toy who struggles to escape from the shackles of his father's control. In a bid for a little freedom and autonomy, Joe teams up with his best friend Patrick Keenan and the rather strange Biaggo to build a house in the woods during their summer vacation. They plan to become entirely self-sufficient by living off the land, though can it really work? Tempers soon flare and their friendship are put to the test and the boys soon realise that true independence - in the purest sense of the word -is almost impossible. 

Though many of the big-hitters are yet to weigh in, The Kings Of Summer holds a perfect 100% fresh rating on reviews aggregating site Rotten Tomatoes. "Toy's House, Jordan Vogt-Roberts' debut feature, is a full-on fairy tale, and one that could win plenty of friends with its absurdist, caustically funny take on adolescent agitation," said Variety.

The movie hits US theaters on May 31, 2013.

Gabriel BassoMoises Arias
Gabriel Basso [L] and Moises Arias [R] The Two Stars Of 'The Kings of Summer'