Moby felt suicidal at the peak of his career in 2002.

The 55-year-old star still has vivid memories of his lowest moment before the MTV Awards in Barcelona.

He recalled: "I got to my hotel the night before and I was at the top of one of the most elegant hotels I’ve ever been to.

"There are four huge apartments at the top of this hotel. My neighbours were Bon Jovi, P Diddy and Madonna. That night, I ended up getting very drunk. Everything was perfect. Everything I’d ever wanted had been given to me, even more so … I’d sold 10 or 20 million records … and I was so despondent.”

Moby remembers feeling suicidal, even though his career was at its peak.

Speaking in a clip from his new documentary, 'Moby Doc' - which has been shared with The Independent - he explains: "How strange it was that I’d been given everything and I’d never been more depressed."

Meanwhile, Moby recently claimed that classical music was "ingrained" in him from an early age.

The singer was surrounded by lots of classical musical influences during his childhood and even though he's made his name in a different genre, his music has always featured "classical elements".

He shared: "I grew up surrounded by classical music. My mother was a pianist. My great-grandmother actually taught classical composition to Arthur Fiedler, the legendary conductor. My uncle was a classical flautist.

"So even though I grew up playing in punk rock bands, classical music was sort of ingrained in me from an early age."