Review of Wait For Me Album by Moby

Review of Moby's album Wait For Me

Moby Wait For Me Album

A predominately instrumental combination of relaxing melodies, a sad, but ultimately beautiful piece of work is the result of Moby's latest album 'Wait for Me'. The album Opens with 'Division', which successfully merges downbeat yet uplifting tones throughout.

By track three 'Shot in the Back of the Head' it becomes obvious that this album is more suited to an art installation rather than a dinner party with its hallowing nature.

Throughout the album continues its predominately downhearted theme, track seven 'Mistake' opens with a strong and repetitive beat, but is tempered by emotional lyrics. A theme of futility is prominent throughout this song, however it remains a favourite from the album.

Tracks nine and ten (Jltf1 and Jltf) start by drawing you in with stretching tones and whispering which then morphs into the soft piano and wistful vocals of part two of this duo.

Towards the end of the album track 13 combines female vocals and sad lyrics with 'Hope Is Gone' creating a beautifully mournful composition, guaranteed to be a favourite with Dusty Springfield fans. Later followed by more of the same the general heart-rending tone of this album is continued with 'Ghost Return', but in this piece is accented by playful piano.

'Slow Light' acts as a strong instrumental introduction to track 16 'Isolate' which symbolises the last of the latest instalment from Moby. During this piece underlying intensity is complimented by a light hearted beat, helping to make it another favourite. Throughout this final track it becomes obvious that this album clearly began as it intended to go on, with long stretching tones, beautiful piano and surprisingly the occasional uplifting melody.

Personally the whole album makes me feel like I'm drifting through a void in space, which is nice especially if you're in the mood to embrace any negative emotion. I did genuinely love the album, but only after coming to terms with the inevitably cheerless emotions that it would evoke. 'Wait For Me' could be considered the equivalent of a sad movie, something to put on when you want to cry and this album certainly would have no problem in that area.

Fluid and very much a piece of art, this is in no way a production line piece. However a word of warning, if you have anything to be upset about this album may well help bring it to the surface.

Victoria Louise Crampton

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