Rapper 50 Cent is keen to sign hip-hop outfits Mobb Deep and MOP to his G-UNIT RECORDS label, and he promises to make both acts a priority.

The CANDY SHOP star, real name CURTIS JACKSON, has followed the progress of the both groups throughout their career so far, and is excited about having them on board.

He tells MTV News, "I wanna work with them. We've got a chance to go do some exciting things. I know I can put them in a good position where they could become priority."

Mobb Deep rapper HAVOC, newly dumped from previous label JIVE RECORDS, is thrilled to have caught 50 Cent's attention.

He says, "We're satisfied with the move.

"I don't know how other people are gonna feel about the move. It's probably gonna be a lot of hate in people's blood, but we don't give a f**k.

"I feel we have a bigger platform. I can't wait. The adrenaline is pumping. I just wanna get it started."

25/05/2005 17:37