Comedienne/actress Mo'nique insists she can prove Lee Daniels offered her a leading role in his new Tv series Empire before giving the part to Taraji P. Henson as the former friends' feud rumbles on.

Daniels has criticised his Precious star for not playing the Hollywood game and campaigning for their 2009 movie, claiming her decision not to attend the Cannes Film Festival and other promotional events landed her with a bad reputation among film executives.

Mo'Nique, who insists she fulfilled every obligation she was contracted to, claims Daniels informed her she had been "blackballed" by Hollywood and has recently revealed she was up for roles in both Daniels' The Butler and Empire - but didn't get them.

She maintains Oprah Winfrey landed the part she was offered in The Butler and Henson took on the role of Cookie in Empire.

She says, "I have the emails... to go along with it (role) and what he (Daniels) said was, 'You know, I'm new to this Tv thing; this is just a technicality... for you to come in and do a screen test... Just do the screen test, you have the role'.

"Four days had gone by (and) I didn't receive a phone call or another email for the location of where I was supposed to go to do this screen test... I gave him a call... That's when the whole conversation comes out about, 'Fox (network bosses) said you were difficult to work with. I told them let you be my difficulty'.

"I said, 'Lee, why ever would you say that when you know that you and I have never had any difficulty in working together?'"

Mo'nique, who claims Daniels is still sore because she never mentioned him in her Oscars acceptance speech, adds, "I'm not pulling anything outta the air. Everything that I've said... in reference to Mr. Daniels having a problem because I didn't mention his name... I have the emails in reference that. In reference to being offered The Butler, I have the script... No one just sends out scripts."