Mischa Barton thinks Londoners work ''really hard'' at looking good.

The British/American actress - who currently resides in Paris - admits she finds London a bit ''intense'' when it comes to fashion, but also finds Los Angeles to be too Laid Back as she stands out a lot.

She said: ''London's a little intense for me. I see lots of people desperate to express themselves through their clothes, but it's so obvious that they're working really hard at it. In Los Angeles you stand out in a leather jacket and jeans. ''

It's not only cities Mischa refuses to get dressed up for - she would also not wear a particular Outfit just to please a man.

She added to more! magazine: ''I never dress up for boys, I always dress for myself. My confidence levels changes massively depending on how good I look, so if I want to feel great I'll put on something I really like. I often feel uncomfortable wearing anything too girly.''