Mischa Barton could have her Audi Q3 repossessed.

The 29-year-old actress could lose her brand-new leased grey sports vehicle after she allegedly stopped paying the $696.29 monthly rental fee over four months ago.

The former 'O.C' star reportedly leased the lavish SUV at the end of March after putting down a $2,300 voluntarily deposit but, since then, has allegedly only managed one payment.

The leasing firm has reportedly demanded the blonde beauty return the car, which is worth an estimated $40,000, or risk having it ceased, TMZ is reporting.

According to the legal documents, obtained by the website, Mischa has failed to hand over the keys and the company are now seeking full payment of the luxury motor.

The starlet's financial woes come just five months after she filed court papers against her mother, Nuala Barton, claiming she is ''a greedy stage mother'' who took money from her salary and kicked her out of her $7.8 million Beverly Hills home, in which her parents now live.

The complaint explains the troubled actress is suing her mum for damages and court costs after the ''personal and professional'' breakdown of their relationship, due to Nuala's inappropriate handling of her finances.