Mischa Barton, the actress who rose to fame on The O.C, is suing her mother Nuala Barton for breach of oral contract, fraudulent misrepresentation and other causes of action - essentially, for stealing her money.

Mischa BartonMIscha Barton is suing her own money for mismanagement of her career

In documents obtained by E! News, the lawsuit claims that Nuala - who also served as Barton's manager - lied about the amount of money her daughter was being paid for a 2013 movie and pocketed the difference.

The court documents state that "this action arises from the tragic tale of a greedy stage mother posing a talent manager who, instead of acting in best interest of her daughter/client, schemed to defraud her unsuspecting victim."

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The 29-year-old also claims her mother has kicked her out of a multi-million dollar Beverly Hills home bought with the money from her acting career. The documents explain that Mischa's parents currently live in a $7.8 million home, which Barton purchased with her own money.

The suit states that "from the outset, Nuala positioned herself to siphon her daughter's hard-earned money by purportedly acting as her talent manager," and committed a "series of egregious acts to intentionally exploit and harm her own daughter."

Barton has no less than nine projects in some form of development, including Operator  - an action-drama starring Ving Rhames about a veteran 911 call center operator and her estranged husband who are kidnapped and held hostage.  

She's also starring in Checkmate - a crime-thriller with Danny Glover and the British footballer-turned-movie star Vinnie Jones. 

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