Miriam Margolyes had part of a cow’s heart fitted when she underwent cardiac surgery.

The ‘Harry Potter’ actress, who turned 82 in May, revealed that month she was going under the knife and then told British Vogue she was headed for a procedure on her ticker.

She has now told the latest edition of the ‘Table Manners’ podcast with Jessie and Lennie Ware: “I’ve had the heart (operation.) I’ve got a cow's heart now. “Well, not the whole heart. I’ve had an aortic valve replaced by a cow’s aortic valve.

“I think it’s rather refined, actually. I don’t know how common it is. I’d never heard of that operation.

“But it saves you from having open heart surgery, which would be infinitely more invasive.”

When asked how the operation was done, Miriam said: “They made two little holes in your groin. One in each groin and then they shoved this thing through. “And I don’t know how they pull it up but they sort of pull it up with stereos. “And then when it comes to the point, when it’s in your heart, they pull a little string and it goes pow!

“And lo and behold, your artery or your aortic valve is shoved unceremoniously to the side.”

Miriam told British Vogue ahead of the operation: “I’m not terrified. When you’re young, you never think about death. You just think about your next f*** basically. I think about death a lot.”

“Every day, for sure. Every morning when I get up I think, ‘Hmmm, another day,’ which maybe I wasn’t expecting.”

The ‘Blackadder’ star said she’s more casual about the end of life now, adding: “You can’t help but be aware that the amount of time ahead is less than the time before you. I’m still ducking and diving. I’m still open to new experiences. I’m just very conscious that there is no light at the end of the tunnel.”

“I’m guilty of the occasional profundity. Some profanity and some profundity.”