Miriam Margolyes plans to "have a word" with Leonardo Dicaprio about his penchant for younger women.

The 81-year-old actress thinks her 'Romeo + Juliet' co-star - who she claims is "quite smelly" - is "very stupid" for notoriously never dating anyone over the age of 25 and speculated the 48-year-old star avoids older females because he doesn't want to be a father.

She said: “I’ll have to have a word with him about that.

"That’s very stupid. But maybe it’s something else besides age. Maybe at that age they want to start having children.”

Meanwhile, Miriam blasted her former Cambridge University classmate John Cleese, branding him a "bad man" and insisting she won't ever appear on his forthcoming GB News show.

She told Sunday Times Culture magazine: “There are two people I’d never appear with: one is John Cleese and the other is Piers Morgan."

Claiming she turned down a "large sum" to appear on one of Piers' shows, she added: “I think he’s a bad man and I think John’s a bad man.”

But one person the 'Harry Potter' actress is a fan of is King Charles.

She said: “I think he’s a very considerable person, much more than it seems most people do. And I honour him and I love him.”

However, Miriam doesn't think she is "good enough" to receive a damehood.

She said: “I’m nice enough to be a dame, but I’m not good enough. I haven’t done enough serious theatre work.”

The 'Age of Innocence' actress doesn't care if people think she is a show-off.

She said: "It doesn’t hurt anybody other than myself and I think there’s a generosity of nature in showing off.

“If it goes on too long, of course, people get bored with it. So far, most people haven’t. There are those who have and I’ve been made aware of it.”