Miriam Margolyes has her eyes set on Italy for retirement.

The 82-year-old actress, who is best known for her role in the ‘Harry Potter’ series as Professor Sport, has houses in London, Kent, Australia and Italy, and lives away from her partner Heather Sutherland.

During an episode of the ‘Loose Ends’ podcast for BBC Radio 4, Miriam told hosts Clive Anderson and George Egg: “I love travelling and meeting people and Italy is one of the countries of my heart, I want to retire there with Heather.

“I’ve got a home in Clapham and I’ve had that since ’73. I feel at home wherever I am and I always bought houses because I had the money to, because I didn’t have children. If you have children, you’re poor. You’re rich in happiness I suppose!”

Miriam was also quizzed about her time at the University of Cambridge, where she admitted she has never forgiven her peers, including ‘Fawlty Towers’ star John Cleese and ‘Monty Python’ comedian Graham Chapman, for the “horrible” treatment she received at their hands.

She said: “I have a memory for people who impinge on me, and some impinge deliciously and some cruelly. And I nominate those and explain what happened. I can praise as well as blame.

“They were horrible, and I have never forgiven them. Why should I forgive them?

“When you’re hurt, you do remember it. Pain survives unfortunately.

“There were some very brilliant boys, and one of them was John Cleese, another was Graham Chapman, and they were particularly vile as people. But as comics, they were brilliant.”

Clive also asked why Miriam, who spends most of her time in London away from Heather, lived in “separate rooms, separate houses and separate countries”, to which the actress explained she believed it was the key to a healthy relationship.

She said: “I think it helps, because we all need a break from each other.

“Love and truth is what keeps it going. You have got to love the person and I do love her, very very much.”