Miriam Margolyes thinks her partner won’t read her new book because "she has no interest in it."

The 82-year-old actress dedicated her second autobiography, ‘Oh Miriam!’ to Heather Sutherland, 84, but she admitted her long-term love has “no interest” in looking at the memoir.

In an interview with Women's Weekly, the ‘Harry Potter’ star said: "We've been together 54 years. She's an intensely private person and I'm an intensely public one. She won't read this new book even though it's dedicated to her. She has no interest in it."

And Miriam admitted the historian gets “irritated” that she is defined online by their relationship.

She said: "She dislikes the fact that, if you Google her, pretty much the first thing you'll learn is that she's my partner. That irritates her, which I can quite understand."

The ‘Age of Innocence’ actress released her first autobiography, ‘This Much Is True’, in 2021, and she was motivated to pen another book purely because of the pay day on offer.

Asked why she had written another memoir, she admitted: "The truth is that I only did it because I was offered so much money.

"That being said, I enjoyed thinking about the past and the people I loved and lost. Sometimes, it feels as though life has slipped through my fingers."

In recent years, Miriam has had to cut down on her workload due to spinal stenosis – which greatly impairs her movement – but she’s determined not to give up entirely.

She said: "I can walk a bit but, by the end of the day, it's extremely painful, which means I'm reduced to using sticks or a walker or a wheelchair or a mobility scooter.

"But I carry on as best I can.

"And I'm told, although I can't swear this is true, that it gives inspiration to people similarly afflicted not to give up".