US crime drama The Killing has experienced a rocky three seasons having been cancelled twice. However, the dark Seattle series now seems to have found favor with online streaming service Netflix which has commissioned a fourth season.

Mireille Enos
Mireille Enos Will Return One More Time As Sarah Linden.

Six new episodes of The Killing will be shown exclusively on Netflix next year and will apparently lead up to the fitting send off the show deserves. "The rich, serialized storytelling in The Killing thrives on Netflix, and we believe that it is only fitting to give Sarah Linden (Enos) and Stephen Holder (Kinnaman) a proper send off," said Netflix's VP of original content for Netflix, Cindy Holland.

"We are looking forward to offering fans - both existing and new - a series that we know is perfectly suited for on-demand viewing," added Holland, via TV Line. Led by actors Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman, the show focusses on two homicide detectives and their murder investigations.

Joel Kinnaman
Joel Kinnaman Will Play Detective On 'The Killing' For Another Season.

Adapted from the hit Danish show, Forbrydelsen, The Killing intensely follows one main mystery per season. Directed by Veena Sud, the US show premiered in early 2011 but has seen viewing figures decline with just 1.5 million viewers at last summer's season 3 conclusion. The falling viewing figures were a factor in the show's cancellation not only after the second season, but the third season too.

David Madden, president of Fox Television Studios, which produces The Killing added his vice to the other parties hoping for greater success in the fourth season. "It's a true testament to Veena Sud, and the stellar cast led so compellingly by Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman, that fans remained so passionate about the show," he said.

Mireille Enos
All Is Not Bleak For The Former AMC Drama.

Madden added: "We're gratified that our partners at Netflix recognized this, and are giving us the opportunity to complete the story in a way that will be satisfying to our loyal audience." The news that Netflix are breathing life back into a struggling show has brought hope for other cancelled television shows, such as Firefly, and that they too might be given another outing by the ever-growing online TV muscle.