Though she’s been recovering a lot more privately from her divorce than her ex-husband Blake Shelton has, Miranda Lambert has apparently now put the fallout from her marriage break-up behind her and is “really enjoying” life.

An unnamed close to the 32 year old country music star told Us Weekly on Wednesday (December 2nd) that “she has started going on a few dates.”

Lambert and Shelton, 39, announced their divorce after four years of marriage in July this year. While Shelton has been dating his colleague on ‘The Voice’, Gwen Stefani, for just over a month, flaunting their romance in front of the cameras, Lambert has kept details of her private life closer.

Miranda LambertMiranda Lambert has been privately bouncing back since her divorce from Blake Shelton

“Miranda has been on a couple of dinner dates and gone out for drinks,” the source said, keeping the details back. “They were just guys she met around.”

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Lambert moved to Nashville, the spiritual home of country music, in the aftermath of the divorce, and has been enjoying reconnecting with old friends and enjoying the social life the city has to offer. The source says that she particularly enjoys a couple of local bars called Winners and Losers.

“She hangs around there a ton, drinking and partying,” say the insider. Often spotted there in the company of musician friends, the two-time Grammy Award winner is “enjoying reconnecting with her girlfriends.”

All this would seem to be in direct contrast to the picture that Lambert herself painted in the current issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. Speaking to the January issue, she said: “I just want to live a life full of everything. Some of that might mean nights on my porch crying, drinking whiskey, and going, 'Man this sucks right now.' I don't necessarily want to know that I have really bad, long, lonely nights ahead of me, but I have had some, and I still have a bunch ahead of me.”

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