Miranda Kerr will have a "crazy-hot baby".

The pregnant Australian catwalk beauty's fellow Victoria's Secret model Jessica White has congratulated Miranda and her husband Orlando Bloom on their happy news and insists the tot couldn't get a better start in life when it comes to good looking genes.

Jessica told America's OK! magazine: "She's preggos! I'm very excited.

"I'm happy for her. Love is in the air, and good for her. I think she and Orlando make a really beautiful couple and they've been together for a while, so I wish them all the best. And it's going to be a crazy-hot baby."

The pregnancy news broke yesterday (28.07.10) with Miranda reportedly telling friends she was expecting.

A source said: "She's definitely pregnant... Miranda's thrilled. She's telling all her friends, mostly other models, about it."

It has now been claimed Orlando, 33, let slip to hotel staff the 27-year-old model was pregnant during their honeymoon on the Caribbean isle of Anguilla last week.

A hotel worker said: "He kept apologising for Miranda being grumpy.

"He said she wasn't well as she was pregnant. They looked very much in love."