Miranda Kerr uses a tennis ball to give herself a massage during quarantine.

The 37-year-old model likes to run a tennis ball between her back and the ground to eliminate any tense muscles in her body as she is unable to visit a masseur amidst the global health crisis.

Speaking to Glamour, she revealed: ''There are so many things I do and I try to think, 'Well, what's something somebody can do [to make themselves feel better]?'

''For instance, a really random thing like getting a tennis ball and rolling on the ground to massage your back, because none of us are getting massages right now - unless our partners decide to give one. Having my routines and little rituals make me feel good.''

The former Victoria's Secret Angel - who married Snap CEO Evan Spielgel in 2017 - has been sticking to a routine whilst isolating with her family by waking up early to ensure she has time for a yoga workout.

She shared: ''My husband has a routine and he still wakes up every day, still, at 5:30am during the weekdays and 6:30 on the weekends. That time gives me at least an hour before the kids wake up to do a little meditation, a few yoga stretches.

''I do get my alone time in. I know every morning at 5:30am I have that good hour. Sometimes it's an hour and a half because sometimes they sleep until 7:00am. That's amazing.''

Meanwhile, Miranda previously confessed to wearing lash extensions because it means it will take her less time to get ready for the day when she wakes up in the morning.

Opening up about her beauty routine, she explained: ''The vitamin C serum smells incredible. And don't forget your neck. I just massage in the face oil and the moisturiser using upward strokes to get the lymphatic drainage going.

''I actually have false lashes so that's a really good way to save time. I actually have false lashes so that's a really good way to save time. I always love a little blush. I can go a little blush heavy. [It makes me] feel more awake.''