Miranda Kerr thinks "little self-care beauty rituals" are really important.

The 37-year-old model feels it is important to work some of your beauty routine into your self-care plans and she likes to use this time to "get back to herself".

Speaking about her own beauty routine, she shared: "Yeah, I really believe in little self-care beauty rituals. For me, that is my little cleanse, mist, serum, moisturise routine, and I scrub every other day with my turmeric mask in the shower. I do that little ritual every morning before the kids wake up and every night when they’re asleep, and that’s my little bit of time to get back to myself. I believe in that not only because of the benefits I see for my skin but because it’s also nurturing my spirit."

And Miranda - who has her own natural skincare products company called KORA Organics - would like to see more beauty products on the market that "focus on organic ways of living".

Of her dreams for the industry's future, she added to The Cut: "I would love for the beauty industry to continue to focus on organic ways of living. I think that there’s so much room for growth there in all areas of personal care - for hair care, makeup. The technology has advanced so much with skin care in the last ten years or so, and it’s been really fun to be a part of that. I’m really excited to see where it can end up, to see how we can really help people get the results they want in a healthy way."