Miranda Kerr's son is saving his pocket money to buy a car when he's older.

The Australian model - who has nine-year-old Flynn with ex-husband Orlando Bloom and Hart, 23 months, and Myles, six months, with her spouse, billionaire Snapchat boss Evan Spiegel - wants her kids to grow up understanding the value of money so her oldest child has to do chores to earn extra cash and none of the brood receive toys unless it's a ''special occasion''.

She said: ''Flynn understands that when it comes to books, [we] can buy as many as he'd like, but toys are only for special occasions, like a birthday or Christmas. It's just not happening any other time.

''He has his chores he has to do, but if he does something extra like washing the car then he gets pocket money.

''He made a lemonade stand with his friends then saved that money because I told him he's going to have to buy his own car [one day].

''I grew up in a little country town. My parents bought the cheapest house and had to work their way up, and they really taught me the value of working hard and saving.''

The Kora Organics founder also believes it's important for her kids to get involved with charity work.

She told Australia's InStyle magazine: ''Whenever it's Christmas or Thanksgiving, we get together as a family and go to the local shelter and help pack boxes.

''We donate physically as a family as well as financially, and we think that's important.

''Sometimes, Flynn and I will do a big cook up and take it down to Harvest Home [a shelter in LA for pregnant homeless women] and eat together with them.''

The 37-year-old beauty admitted Flynn has started to understand that his parents, and Orlando's pregnant fiancée Katy Perry, are famous but it's never seemed unusual to him because it's all he's ever known.

She said: ''Well Flynn, obviously because he's nine now, understands that his father is in movies and Katy has music out, but he's never really known anything different.

''When he was little, probably three at the time, he was with his grandparents and saw a picture of me on a billboard and then ran up and hugged it.

''Now, I guess he understands it, but it doesn't mean he's any different to anyone else because he does the same things as the other kids at school.''