Miranda Kerr's role as a designer for Swarovski came about by chance.

The supermodel had previously fronted accessories campaigns for the brand but after she joked that the company should have an Australian designer, she was offered the job.

She told You magazine: ''Nathalie [Colin, the company's creative director] said she has 21 people from all over the world working on the design team.

''And I said, 'What about Australia?' And she answered, 'No, we don't have anyone from Australia!'

''I was being cheeky, kind of joking, thinking, 'Oh! Maybe I could be the Australian designer!' And she was, like, 'That's a great idea.'''

Miranda's collection features two lines - Diapason and Duo - with charms representing brilliance, love, joy, spirit, strength and grace and while she loved the work, she admitted that not all of her ideas made it into production.

''I wanted to do the collection based on chakras, but some other designer had already done that.

''We changed a few things, and we compromised. With every little detail I would say, 'This should be like this, this should be like that,' and we'd go back and forth.''