Miranda Kerr is all "prepped" ahead of the Victoria's Secret show tomorrow (09.11.11).

The stunning model - who will be donning a $2.5million 142 carat bra on the runway during the annual show - says she wants to look her best so has undergone lots of beauty treatments.

She told the New York Post newspaper: "I've waxed, shaved, done laser. I'm prepped at this point."

Miranda says she feels very confident with her body following the birth of her son, Flynn, in January and credits her amazing figure with still breastfeeding him.

She said: "It's milking time. I'm still breast feeding. I'm pumping, and it's going well."

Miranda recently said she has been working out for the past six months to get in shape for the upcoming show.

She said: "This is something I've always wanted to do. I do yoga. That's something I consistently do as well as Pilates. So I've been doing that for the past six months. But I've been doing more squats because you gotta get that booty up - you really can't hide anything when you're up there on that runway - you've got cameras coming at you from every angle."